Shape your own world with Neo Atlas 1469 for Switch!


Neo Atlas 1469

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Historical Strategy Game

Nowadays global trade, wealth and education are booming.
As one of the vital interests for all us (both in a positive or negative way), globalization has become one of the key concepts of our time. Defining a big variety of different economic, environmental, cultural, ideological, and political processes this term has become one of the most used buzzwords in the whole world.
But do you know when the seeds of the actual globalization have been planted? Well, we must travel back in time until the first Renaissance. During that European golden age personalities like Christopher Columbus, Tycho Brahe, and Johannes Gutenberg reshaped the world introducing many innovative ideas, technologies, and products to Western civilization. This innovative knowledge carried the people from Middle-Age to the Modern Age. Obviously, most of it has been imported in Europe thanks to all the navigators that cut through the seven seas.
For example in the so-called New World, Columbus has discovered a virgin land rich in resources and natural beauty.

To homage these great explorers, and offer to the gamers a historically faithful simulation game set during the age of exploration, the Japanese developer Artdink released in 1991 for the NEC PC-98 the first episode of the Atlas series.
During the years it has conquered even more fans. All of them has been literally captured by the total freedom and the historical accuracy that this series has been always provided.
Finally, a new chapter is docking on Nintendo Switch. Captains, it’s time to weigh anchor and start a new exploration campaign with Neo Atlas 1469!

In the XV century, the European continent has been plagued by several epidemics and battles that killed millions of people. Due to this the courts’ treasury and resources running out, and many kings decided to finance new explorative campaigns in order to find new lands to conquer and bring some new resources and knowledge at home.
In Neo Atlas 1469 for Switch, you’ll be the owner of an emerging trading company. For speculative and cultural reasons you’re interested to know how the world really is. To do this, you must hire the best admirals and send them on the expedition to discover new territories that could make you richer than anybody else. Using the money wisely to acquire even new and innovative ships, increase the crew members, and acquiring the latest technological wherewithal, and see how your ships can change the knowledge of the world forever.
Read the logbooks carefully. Some of them will contain boring daily info, but some other can disclose very important data. The visits to long-forgotten lands like Mu or Atlantis or the encounters with legendary creatures like the Kraken.
Anyway as the one and only financier, you’ll decide what is true and what is not. Depending on your choices, the world will get a certain shape rather than another.

With the full support of both English and Japanese languages, Neo Atlas 1469 for Switch will plumb yourself into the mysteries of the planet. Providing new insights for create the very first global trading empire. Exploiting brand new exotic products, innovative technologies from previously uncharted lands, and listening to the stories of the admirals, you can experience all the power and meaning that a single map can hold.

A new age of treasure hunting has just started! Cross the oceans both digitally and physically and craft your own world (without forgetting the entrepreneurial spirit) with Neo Atlas 1469 for Nintendo Switch!


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