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Cube Creator X

Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN


Anyone among you waiting for Cube Creator X? Well then, Arc System Works launches a new complete overview trailer in addition to the first two trailers. Cube Creator X (キューブクリエイターX) is an upcoming creative action adventure game that’s set to launch this April 26 in Japan. Note though, this is only for Nintendo Switch. Switch users, are you ready to build your own cube world? Pre-order for this game is now open!




This is the complete overview trailer of Cube Creator X. Watch it below, dear gamers.

In Cube Creator X, you create your own world using the cubes! There are three different modes and it depends on your own mood. First, the Adventure Mode. The Adventure Mode is the starting point where you move to various worlds. Move from time to time from the mysterious gates in search for new adventures. Second, the Creative Mode. The Creative Mode features freedom! Create your original world without any basis. All you need would be you and your imagination this time. Finally, the Stage Builder Mode. In this mode, you use gimmick cubes with mechanisms to create original stages and more.

For more information about the game, please see it below.



  • It All Starts from the Home World – The Home World is a newly added element of Cube Creator X. In “Adventure Mode,” the Home World is the starting point from which you can move to various worlds. Move to each new world from mysterious gates in search of new adventures. Also, because there are no enemies in the Home World, you can customize your home, have conversations with citizens, exchange items, and enjoy a carefree daily life. Rest in the Home World when you are worn out from your adventure, then head out again!
  • Evolved Systems – In Cube Creator X, there are more than three times the amount of cube types as in Cube Creator 3D, and concepts such as size, weight, heat, and weather have been added. For example, burn wood to change it into charcoal, and since the field will be destroyed when it storms, cover around it with a glass house. Rather than just the concept of time, various other systems have been added
  • Avatar Customization with Enhanced Creation – The player avatar system has evolved to enable detailed creation. Create your favorite pixel-style design in a cube. With an avatar customization that offers more freedom than ever before, you can design an avatar all your own





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