Let’s ride a giant eggplant with I can fly with NASU for iOS and Android!

I can fly with NASU

iOS, Android Ι Genre: Weird Danmaku Shooter

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, the eggplants are used in the cuisines of the whole world since 800 years ago. These fruits are commonly renowned as the “king of vegetables”. Giving the food such as soups, stews, and sauces a unique flavor. These superb purple vegetables can also help you to live a healthier life, and…save the living from a supernatural invasion from the underworld!!!
Turn on your iOS or Android device because you’ve been called to protect the Earth with I can fly with NASU!

Slightly inspired by the Japanese summer festival of Obon – in which the eggplants are symbolically used as spiritual cows that take the ancestor back in their world slowly – this game for iOS and Android is an ultra-fast danmaku shooting game. You’re a young schoolgirl rides a giant eggplant, and the mission is simple. You must prevent the opening of gates of the dead world and the curse on every living being on the planet. Showering all those tormented spirits with cleansing bullets, you will reduce this menace. But the real target is the boss behind the supernatural tumult, and stop him forever.
Tap on the screen as much as you can to release the highest amount of bullets in the shortest time. In I can fly with NASU for iOS and Android there are a vast array of weapons and tools to use. Summon the eggplant spirit to aid you. Equip yourself with a magical vegetable cannon to gain many more skills as you advance, improve your giant riding fruit to the limit to bring the 100% destruction rate on each stage.

Thanks to its intricately beautiful art-style, and its exceptionally challenging gameplay this mad bullet-hell game will bring you over Japan’s skies to set free Tokyo from a massive horde of hungry ghosts, scaring demons, and many other horror themed-enemies. Shoot hard to eradicate this ghostly assault from the roots!
Inspired by some of the greatest danmaku shooters of the past such as Mushihime-sama, Border Down, and Gradius this game is full with a non-stop hardcore shooting action, titanic bosses, and a huge dose of humor that make it both a modern classic touched by the spirit of the glorious old-school milestones of the past.

The unique story of I can fly with NASU for iOS and Android is some of the craziest ones ever appeared in a mobile game, and through the game, you’ll discover that this young & brave heroine is not a merely stereotypical character, but she has feelings. Emotions, and above all many reasons for fighting these invaders from another world.
Play it again and again to unlock every single secret, but don’t forget that the most delicious ones can be found only through the instant digital cards.

Play it and see how the eggplant is the best vegetable in the world!
Thanks to its unique properties it will not only improve your health considerably. But it’s also a good help to save everybody’s lives from a hungry army of the darkness!


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