Unleash Your Racing Spirit With Gran Turismo Sport

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Gran Turismo Sport

PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™ – ASIA


Attention, calling all racers out there! I repeat, calling all racers! Are you still looking for a racing video game that captures your racer soul? Gran Turismo Sport is for you, then. This game is the thirteenth game in the Gran Turismo video game series. For those hardcore fans, you might know that this game is first to be released for PS4 with the use of PSVR. Thanks, Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment for this great racing game release. This heart-racing game was released worldwide last October 2017.

This version has English and Chinese subtitles. Yes, Asian gamers out there, you better get your copies! This game is on sale! This game is on our Ultimate Summer Sale list, too! Avail this at $15.44! Grab the chance to buy this at a discounted price. Buy it now!




Get ready for the awesome racing game! Gran Turismo Sport includes more game modes. Sports and Arcade Mode are the common game modes. Make your way to the top ranking in Campaign Mode. Want to master a specific track? Circuit Experience Mode is just for you. Online racing is also in! Unlike the previous games such as Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6, it does not feature weather system and the day-night cycle. Of course, you are free to choose the time of the day before entering the race.

Choose your racing car among 140 cars from the real world! These cars are available both offline and online. Choose your track in 27 different tracks. Make your car the best one around. Customize your car with the different logos and different designs to choose from.


PlayStation VR

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Experience with the reality of this racing game with your PlayStation Virtual Reality! With your PSVR, the reality of you as a driver is in you. We have available stocks for this. Buy now!





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