State of Decay 2 for Xbox One is a game to die for!

State of Decay 2

Xbox™One Ι Genre: Survival Zombie Game

This is the end, my only friend…
What did the heck happen on Earth? It could be a biological attack, a virus outbreak, or even the special Haitian powder…but the planet is full by hordes of mindless, flesh-hungry creatures that are chasing the few survivors to feed on the living ones. Whatever happened, there’s no time to think, it’s time to ACT!
So, prepare to survive a new zombie apocalypse equipping all it’s needed to come out in one piece from this catastrophe. Train hard to learn how to fight and be a stronghold for your family and friends, without abandoning your sanity and humanity. Well, it’s time for you to struggle against the biggest zombie apocalypse ever seen by human eyes. Turn on your Xbox One, and wander in the ruined wasteworld of State of Decay 2!

The sequel of State of Decay – who sold more than 4.5 million copies worldwide – is finally arriving for the new generation of Xbox on May 18th to the delight of all the lovers of thrilling survival horror games. Presented in a glorious grindhouse third-person perspective, State of Decay 2 for Xbox One is a loud, fast, and out of control adventure that recalls the most beloved zombie series such as The Walking Dead. Developed to creates a sense of immediacy and dread this title is set in hyper-realistic open world, in which alone or with up to three other survivors you must use every instinct to withstand the ordeal of a real zombie invasion. Use the mightiest fighting techniques to kill thousands of wandering [un]dead, gather the best materials scattered all around the world, and build the most effective fortified base. In there, many other people will find a shelter and a little hospitality. Talk with your guests to be considered a true leader, and create a strong community that could change the world in a very unexpected way.

With a lot of secondary objectives on top of the main storyline, State of Decay 2 is not a game for faint-hearted people. Due to its open-world branched gameplay system, you and only you will be responsible for your choices. Obviously, everything you’ll decide to do will have an effect on the entire community. Send the fastest person outside the fortress to get a medicine, search new allies or gather as much food as you can. If you act with charity the inhabitants will give you valuable clues or useful items to change the world in an easier way. Forge your own path with your actions and protect these people from an ever-increasing zombie threat. Featuring the highest level of freedom and possibilities, you must consider also the position of the sun. Keep in mind that the zombies will be stronger and faster when the sun goes down. So, unless it would be extremely necessary don’t wander around during the night time.

Use any means you can get your hands on to keep the walking corpses off your back. Can you hear it? The clock is ticking relentlessly and each second could make the difference for you and your community. Battle through the city suburbs and underground areas crowded with armies of undead. Rescue all the civilians you’ll find on the way. Give them a chance of salvation. In State of Decay 2 for Xbox One, you’ll be called to stay alive against a whole wasteland of zombies.

Have you heard those strange noises behind you? They’re stalking you right now! Don’t play with your most precious asset, your life. Offer a complete protection to the other survivors through trusted & proven techniques for safeguarding yourself and your loved ones against the living dead both digitally and physically, and if you’re in trouble burn into your brain the 3 rules of the survivors:

1. Prepare before they rise!
2. They can’t feel fear, why should you?
3. Keep moving, keep low, keep quiet, keep alert!


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