Live the age of the Neo-Luddism with Detroit: Become Human for PS4!

Detroit: Become Human

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Cyberpunk Adventure

In the last few years, automation has begun to change the shape of nearly every industry in the world. New startups that release periodically waves of innovation in robots, drones, and software. A big part of them uses robots in those fields considered too much dangerous for humans or in companies that can’t find qualified workers. Considered safer, faster, and cheaper but also creators of a new kind of poverty. The robots are actually at the center of a philosophical debate between some of the most brilliant minds of the planet.
Can a machine be original, benevolent, feel emotions, and above all deserve rights? These (and many others) ethical and practical questions will get an answer with Detroit: Become Human, the new adventure created by David Cage for PS4!

Detroit, 2038 – After a long time of severe urban decay with thousands of abandoned buildings, Detroit is now one of the most important global cities. Thanks to the use of highly advanced androids it experiencing a new golden age based on the exploitation of the machines. Obviously, more improvements mean also a higher rate of self-awareness. To obtain dignity and respect, the androids have started to ask insistently for human-equivalent rights, freedoms, and protections. Involving a huge number of AI theorists, sociologists, legal experts, neuroscientists, and ethicists – each one with different views – some machine has started some uprisings across the city to topple the humancentric way of life. In Detroit: Become Human for PS4 you’ll follow the story of three androids who exist (or live?) during this tumultuous era.

Once again, Cage’s touch built a bridge that connects the arts of video games and cinema. This is not only a simple game but a wonderful cyberpunk thriller. Featuring talents such as Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Valorie Curry (Blair Witch), and Bryan Dechart (True Blood). Delve into an original sci-fi story through a perilous course of extraordinary challenges set with heavy tones of rebellion, emotions, and catharsis. Control the three protagonists Connor, Markus, and Kara into a futuristic world of factions and choices. Do everything is needed to survive the onslaught of androids’ hunters, police, and megalopolis wildlife; it is all up to you.
Filled with innumerable twists and turns. Even the smallest actions and choices can cause dramatic consequences. Providing thousands of choices, and a lot of endings. Detroit: Become Human for PS4 is the most advanced example of interactive drama where you’ll see the human’s world from a machine perspective. Even if you’ll take the wrong decisions, you’ll not black it all out with a game over. But, you’ll live with the consequences of failure!

Since its first appearance, this game has captured the attention of the most prestigious media. Winning several awards included Best of 2016 E3 Game Critics Awards in the category of Best Original Game, GameSpot’s Best of E3 2017 award, Hardcore Gamer’s Adventure Game award, and Game Critics Awards’ Best Original Game and Best Action/Adventure Game awards.
Prepare to take hard choices! They will have a philosophical impact also on your ordinary life. If you love movies and series such Blade Runner or Black Mirror, Detroit: Become Human for PS4 will keep you literally glued to the screen. Enjoy this is an even-paced story about inner strength and hidden predestination both digitally and physically. Connor, Markus, and Kara will leave a trace in your memory for a long time!


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