Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection – Ken you win the World Warrior Tournament?

Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection

Steam, PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Epic Fighting Collection

Can you hear it? This is the noise of the coins that could change you into a great martial artist! We bet that  you’ve spent a lot of quarters to defeat those one-eyed Muay Thai fighter before and the leader of Illuminati organization who tried to restore the balance to the world then. What extreme satisfaction when the screen became black and the legendary”What strength!! But don’t forget there are many guys like you all over the world.” phrase appeared!
It all started in 1988 when two young and inexperienced guys named Ryu and Ken entered in the first World Warrior Tournament to prove their strength. Fighting against the most powerful 10 warriors across 5 continents, and eventually being crowned as the greatest Street Fighters.
During their long and hard road to the top, they’ve faced Retsu – a Shorinji Kempo instructor -, Geki – a claw-wielding ninja able to teleport -, Joe – an American underground martial artist -, Mike – a heavyweight boxer champion -, Lee –  the best Chinese Kung-Fu warrior -, Gen – an old professional killer -, Birdie – a tall and strong punk from London’s slums -, Eagle – a wealthy bodyguard armed with two clubs -, Adon – the first disciple of Sagat -, and Sagat – the globally renowned Emperor of the Muay Thai and host of the first World Warrior Tournament -, and nothing would ever be the same again!
Three decades have passed since then, and during this long time, Ryu and Ken have challenged many other powerful warriors becoming more popular day-by-day. Now it’s time to celebrate them, and what could be better of a huge compilation that includes the best 12 chapters of Street Fighter saga? Prepare to strike your pads fiercely! Because Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection for Steam, PS4, XO, and Switch will appear on May 30!

Grit your teeth, pump up and enjoy the biggest SF collection ever appeared on any gaming system! From the first Street Fighter to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, it contains the most faithful porting of the arcade milestones that have marked both the game industry and the pop-culture thanks to their unique characters, exploding special attacks, immediate playability, and astonishing choreography!
Test your might and fight your way both offline and online. ALL the games support online play session with up to 4 players. So, challenge your friends and earn the title of supreme champion fighting against other aspiring martial artists from all over the world.

Obviously, there’s no celebration without a retrospective, and Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection for Steam, PS4, XO, and Switch is very generous from this point of view. The nostalgia-inducing digital museum is a love letter to the series and also a deep acknowledgment to all the players that in 30 years made Street Fighter so great. Proudly filled with the most iconic moments, your home will become a real Sancta Sanctorum dedicated to the World Warriors. Host a memorable experience while you admiring hundreds of concept works of art, character bios, exclusive revelations from the developers, and the most complete Street Fighter’s music encyclopedia which let you discover its sound evolution.

Press your finger to the pulse of one of the revolutionary series who has redefined the whole gaming industry from the roots! In Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection for Steam, PS4, XO, and Switch the action is more powerful than ever. You must Hadoken, Shoryuken, and also Tatsumaki as much as you can. Jump to the victory, but calculate your actions carefully because a wrong move could take you to the global shame.

Step into the World Warrior Tournament Arena for the fight of your life both digitally and physically. With Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection for Steam, PS4, XO, and Switch the real power is in your hands. Unleash your inner combative soul and live this 30th Years Anniversary as a true protagonist!


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