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Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version

Nintendo Switch (Digital) – Japan


If you’ve already found playing Resident Evil 7 odd, we have an announcement that’s even odder. The game will be ported to Nintendo Switch today. But it’s only a cloud version of the game that gamers can stream and rent to their consoles. By the way, it is only for Japan.

This condition attached to the game makes the should-be Nintendo Switch release as, in fact, a digital release. From the name itself, Biohazard 7: Resident Evil Cloud Version, entails gamers to install a 45MB game file. And an internet connection is needed to play the game which will be streamed via the cloud. This is the same thing that is being employed in PlayStation Now.

Moreover, this version will have a 15-minute free trial according to Nintendo Everything. It must be availed for ¥2,000. And this game version is only supported in the Japanese language.


Gamers need not worry though. The cloud version will include all Resident Evil 7’s downloadable content extensions. These include Banned Footage Volume 1 and 2, End of Zoe, and Not a Hero. Originally, Resident Evil 7 was released for PS4, Xone, and PC December of last year.

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