Yin & Yang are in perfect harmony with Ikaruga for Switch!


Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: TATE Shooting Milestone

Centuries ago on the island of Horai there was a mysterious relic of uncertain origins. Emanating huge amount of energy called Ubusunagami Okinokai (The Power of The Gods), this once weak country has started to exploit it in order to conquer the biggest number of territories, all in the “name of peace”. Starting an effective propaganda among the common people, the Horaics began to call themselves “the divine ones”. Battle after battle several countries fell under their merciless attacks. To prevent the global conquer of the planet, a few nations secretly joined forces and started a rebellion against the hegemony of Horai. Battling under the name The Tenkaku this new kind of freedom fighters fought on the land and the sky with courage and distinction.
But when a pilot called Shinra crashed in a remote village, he would never expect to find a couple of genius – the engineer Amanai and the village leader Kazamori – who helped him to develop a new type of unrivaled airship which can use the absorbing power of positive and negative polarities…the Ikaruga!

Ikagura appeared in 2001 in Japanese arcades. It is considered the spiritual successor of Radiant Silvergun. The legendary shooting game Ikaruga is reaching the Nintendo Switch’s flight deck. Developed by Treasure, the intent of this game was to break up the conventions of games’ developing rules introducing something absolutely out of the box. Initially, this unique mix of puzzle game and shooting gameplay mechanics hasn’t been completely understood, but with the ports for Dreamcast and GameCube, a lot of people tried it, and its popularity started to grow exponentially making Ikaruga one of the most shining gems in the crowded, hectic world of the shoot’em up genre.

But what makes Ikaruga so different from the other titles? First its gameplay system is inspired by Taoist Yin-Yang philosophy, you can only accomplish your mission switching the polarity of the airship. For example, if an enemy will shoot you with black bullets, you’ll be able to absorb them using the black side, vice-versa if the bullets are white you must turn to this color, otherwise, the Ikaruga will be destroyed in no time. Absorb as more bullets as you can to fill the gauge, and once it’s full you’ll be able to release an ultra-powerful special attack!
Secondarily, despite all the other titles, this one doesn’t give you any power-ups. You can only rely on the main laser and – above all – on your reflexes. Beat all the long stages that separate the fate of millions of people from the harsh dominion of Horai. Presented in an elegant, and astonishing detailed 3D mecha design, Ikaruga for Switch offers a couple of challenging game modes – Arcade and Prototype – that will thrill all the lover of classic masterpieces even if you want to shoot your way alone or with the aid of a friend.

It’s time to act as a real hero! With a deeply emotional storytelling, high-powered features, and also a huge amount of symbolism, Ikaruga for Nintendo Switch is still nowadays one of the most intense shooting experiences that you can have. Find calm among the bullet-hell chaos. Don’t get too distracted by the artwork or the immersive soundtrack because enemies will eventually start coming from all directions!
Strap into the pilot’s seat, the rebellion needs you to defend the homeworld from Horaic invaders with Ikaruga for Switch!


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