Antigraviator for Steam: If you can’t outrace them, shoot them down!


Steam Ι Genre: Light-Speed Racing Game

Burn with adrenaline! The Anti-Gravity Championship is NOT for wimps!
Started during the first decade of the 23rd Century; the Anti-Gravity League has gathered the most skilled pilots and engineers from the solar system. Developed to overcome every limit to build the fastest vehicles of all the planets, this new kind of motorsport racing does not provide only a big amount of entertainment and excitement for the audience, but it’s also a way to forge new technologies and solutions under the extreme conditions of future lives. Its famous motto “never stop innovating” is now considered a proper way of life that motivate billions of different people to work even harder to fulfill their aspirations, and at the same time to learn from the toughest challenges.
Be an Anti-Gravity League’s pilot require all fast reflexes and cool nerves. Do you think are you good enough to compete against hundreds of challengers who are racing at the speed of light? Well, in this case, hurry up to prove your abilities because Antigraviator for Steam is approaching fast.

Take on the force of gravity piloting one of the advanced floating hi-tech vehicles of this compelling yet dangerous sport. Settle down into the cockpit to face the craziest racers of the whole galaxy and rush for the final victory across many tracks all over the worlds. Outrun the rivals, and outsmart the friends; in this high-octane racing game, all is possible because there’s only one rule: no rules! Everything is admitted!
Race hard and fight harder. A futuristic arsenal of weapons including missiles, laser beams, and hundreds of traps will help you to cross the finish line at the 1st place. In Antigraviator for Steam the action is so intense that you’ll feel the wind in your hair. Despite all the neon lights and the colorful backgrounds, this is one of the most brutal and gritty experiences of your whole life. Multiple obstacles stand in your way; bypass them, fly over them, or at the first chance force your opponents against them. Even if you’re a veteran racer this super high-speed game will let you swear your palms.

Conquer the hearts of the audience performing life-risky acrobats. Earn a lot of money, and then buy all those improvements you’ve always wanted. Customize your vehicle with a plethora of more new gadgets and skins, and see how they will help you soar above the competitions; ’cause – you know – be a true pilot it’s not only a speed matter, but it’s also a style thing.
This is the race of your life. Alone or with up to 3 other challengers (local or online) reach the top of the galaxy leaderboard to be recognized as the greatest pilot both on Earth and many other planets. Antigraviator for Steam is without any doubt one of the most impressive futuristic racing games ever made, in here the beauty of the design is melted with speed and a touch of mechanical violence.

Step on the gas and steel your nerves on extreme hairpins & on fast straights. Change your vehicle into a powered racing monster, you’ll need all the help you can get!
In the far future, the speeds are faster, the turns are tighter and if you blink, you’re roadkill; the next generation of motorsport is here. Antigraviator for Steam will let you reach new heights in fun and excitement, this is more than simple racing…it’s a daredevil thrill ride!

Brace yourself for a brand new racing experience where the action is beyond extreme!


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