Catch the wave for le$$ with the special Xbox E3 Campaign!

E3 is just around the corner! In order to let you live it in the best mood; Microsoft has prepared a special time-limited campaign in which you can get hundreds of marvelous games for le$$ (and we’re talking about up to 75% off on the normal price)!!!
We’re very hyped to see all the new AAA titles, indie games, innovative gameplay, and everything else that involve our absolute favorite thing in the world: video games!
So, cut the chatter and enjoy the huge discounted catalog on US and HK Xbox Live Stores; they include epic games such as…

Monster Hunter: World – 35% OFF

Since ancient times parents tell to their heirs the legend about the Elder Crossing.
Every 10 years, the elder dragons begin a long journey in search of the mythical land known as the New World. Many scholars have studied this inexplicable event very deeply, and to know more about this phenomenon, the Guild has formed a Research Commission. You are one of the first hunters that will embark on a magnificent journey into the living, breathing, and pristine ecosystem of Monster Hunter: World for Xbox One!

Providing a seamless yet intense experience, the latest chapter of the legendary Monster Hunter series will push your hunting skills to the limit forcing you to exploit the environments in a very creative way. Think hard and play harder to take advantage during the battles from any terrain, vegetation, and mountain. Step into a large and wide unblemished world covered with lush green forests, dark caves and the deep blue sea, a savage world where ferocious bloodthirsty monsters are hidden, and lurking in the shadows; a world where gigantic beings band together in groups to protect themselves and sometimes combat with each other for food & domination.

Don’t get caught unprepared! Arrange everything before the departure to the New World! Be ready to meet and greet some of the mightiest legendary beasts with Monster Hunter: World for Xbox One!!!

Sea of Thieves – 20% OFF

Gentlemen anchors aweigh!
Do your part in the Golden Age of buccaneering with Sea of Thieves for Xbox One! This is a vivid and always evolving action-adventure game. Start as a simple cabin boy and pirating hard along the seven seas you could climb the ranks to become one of the most respected pirates ever lived. Lead your crew of wild men in epic battles against hundreds of rivals (each one led by REAL players across the world). Pillage all their loads; hunt for precious treasures; and prepare to encounter mythical marine creatures such as the Kraken, the Hafgufa or even the Cirein-cròin.
Forge alliances with the other players or betray them for your own advantage while you sail to conquer your rightful place in history.

Explore new mysterious territories inhabited by (still) undiscovered civilizations; raid and plunder merchant ships; shoot at fortified ports and cities; and cross the swords with the most notorious swashbucklers. Make sure that no foe ever sets foot on land again. This game can be played both on Xbox One and PC thanks to the great “Xbox Play anywhere” feature, this means that with one single code you can download the PC version for free from the Windows Microsoft Store and vice versa.

You know, the history of piracy is rich in action! Lift the Jolly Roger, and see how a determined seaman can acquire an eternal special place in history conquering the whole shared-world of Sea of Thieves for Xbox One!

Far Cry 5 – 20% OFF (Gold Edition), 25% OFF (Standard Edition), 30% OFF (Deluxe Edition)

Join the happy Family of Eden’s Gate today!
Created near the rural town of Hope County, Montana; their mission is to bring hope and spiritual renewal through the unconditional love of God. Everyone is welcome in the Family with no distinctions of race, creed, or social status. The Family aims to make THE difference. They offer spiritual solutions to the common life obstacles through love, kindness, and compassion. But as the majority of these new cults, not all that glitters is gold…

In Far Cry 5 for Xbox One, you’ll be the Junior Deputy, and you’ll begin a not-so-spiritual journey to escape from the religious structure in which the mad adepts led by the charismatic radical preacher Joseph Seed have imprisoned.
Helped by some of the most prominent people of Hope County; you must use everything you’ll find to escape and build a resistance that can burn the wicked belief of Eden’s Gate from the roots.

Stealth, exploration, and brutal combat gameplay mechanics have been wisely mixed with an unconventional dose of black humor that adds a new spicy enjoyment to the adventure. If you’re in a hurry, don’t forget that for the first time in a Far Cry episode, you’ll be able to build your own vehicles to run faster than ever from the divine touch of Joseph.

The Lord shows his love also through unexpected ways, and Far Cry 5 for Xbox One is one of them. Be the savior of an entire community and let your light shine upon it. Amen!

For Honor – 67% OFF (Gold Edition), 70% OFF (Deluxe Edition), 75% OFF (Standard Edition)

Enter in the mayhem of war, with For Honor for Xbox One!
As never before the feelings of medieval battles haven’t been recreated so deeply, and faithfully. With its incredibly immersive battlefields, violent combat system, and a great story this game will brutally throw you into the gripping dark ages.

Siege castles, raid villages and kill the enemies using a huge range of efficient weaponry ranging from swords, maces, axes, katanas, longbows, and much more. Rely on your instincts. Battle against the strongest and craftiest Knights, Samurai, and Vikings of the world; each with different abilities, stats, and features all to be the last one standing on the battlefield and claiming victory!
Experience how really is wield a massive blade in hand. Get ready to live an epic cloak-and-sword tale where you can engrave your own path of nobility, honor, or vengeance while you’re trying to re-acquire the glory of your ancestors.

If you loved God of War, you’ll love also the mythical battles that await you in For Honor for Xbox One!

Cuphead – 15% OFF

Strongly inspired by the phantasmagoric cartoons realized by Fleischer Studios; Cuphead for Xbox One is a lovely and passionate homage to the roaring 30s! Carrying a huge dose of creativity and energy; the team behind it has released one of the most influential works for the future generations. With its inner sense of poetry, and its innovations Cuphead is a new kind of interactive art which combines masterfully cinema, drawing, and painting.

But what’s Cuphead? It is a run-and-gun platform game in which the two main characters, Cuphead and Mugman, must travel across strange worlds. All of them are filled with very well-hidden secrets that will lead you to face the devil himself. while you’ll acquire new weapons and super abilities. Gracefully animated using a traditional hand-drawn & hand inked cel technique, in Cuphead for Xbox One you’ll be astonished by the magical wonderworld full of big bosses, stylish watercolor backgrounds, and original Jazz & Ragtime music. All of it will bring you back into the 1930s. A magical decade that witnessed a proliferation of new technologies, especially in the fields of aviation, radio, film, and obviously animation!

If you’re looking for a thrilling and challenging title lovely packed with the original irreverent and wacky sense of humor of 30s cartoons, then don’t miss Cuphead!

These are only a few titles of the whole selection, check all of them on the US and HK Xbox Live Stores, and discover how they be yours for less than a slice of pizza. The campaign will run only until June 17; so act fast and grab your Xbox Live Instant Digital Cards today!


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