Get ready for a blast with Super Bomberman R for PS4 and XO!

Super Bomberman R

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Explosive action game

Developed and released by Hudson Soft in 1983 the original Bomberman installment was a game in which a normal man was trapped into a maze filled with evil creatures called floaters. Placing time bombs all over the stage, the mission was pulverized the monsters and break through the massive brick walls that obstruct your path towards the freedom.
Available in western countries under the name of “Eric and The Floaters”, few people imagined that it was the starting point of one of the most long-living and popular series. Today 35 years later a new Bomberman episode is ready to let explode your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: ladies and gentlemen…let’s have a burning round of applause for Super Bomberman R!

This new chapter sees our beloved friendly neighborhood robot face the wicked Emperor Buggler. He’s the leader of the powerful Robot Army, and his objective is to conquer the whole Starry Sky Solar System; in order to do it as fastest as possible. He had reawakened Magnet Bomber; Golem Bomber; Pretty Bomber; Phantom Bomber; and Plasma Bomber universally renowned as the Five Dastardly Bombers! Hugely loyal to Emperor Buggler, these mischevious party of anti-heroes has been sent on our planet many years ago by an alien race who wanted to get their claws on the universe capturing the White Bomberman; the only machine who can defeat them…
Prepare your arsenal to challenge (once again) both Emperor Buggler, the Five Dastardly Bombers, and hundreds of (not-so) sentient minions playing with Super Bomberman R for PS4 and XO. Bomb your way across more than 60 stages filled with always different challenges and great fun to relive on this generation’s consoles the greatest seek-and-destroy adventure.

Providing simple controls and hard to quit gameplay system; you can play it both alone or with the company of your friends and family. With a lot of different modes to choose from, you can save billions of living beings with the long Story Mode; challenge up to seven people on Earth with the bombastic Battle Mode, or if you feel a real champion lead your robotic team to the ultimate victory with the epic Grand Prix Mode. But this is not all; to celebrate the release of Super Bomberman R for PS4 and XO; Konami has included a couple of special guests that will let you love this game even more.
If you’re a PS4 owner you’ll get the exclusive Ratchet & Clank Bomber; otherwise, if you’re an Xbox One player see how the hi-tech Master Chief Bomber fends off the imperial robo-soldiers!

Embark on a new adventure through the galaxy because Bomberman makes his explosive debut on PS4 and XO! Super Bomberman R promises and deliver thousands of funny hours for the whole family. Deep and truly explosive action is guaranteed. Even if you’ve never touched a Bomberman game or in case you’re an experienced player; you’ll feel all the intensity and the uniqueness of the series with this wonderful game!
Span the Starry Sky Solar System through fabulously cute art style, and don’t forget to uncover a wealth of hidden items and power-ups that will help you to restore peace.

Use your brain and find the right strategy to blow Emperor Buggler and the nasty Five Dastardly Bombers far far away from our universe.
Bomberman is back, and this time he’s more determined, more furious, and more explosive than ever! Do you hear the tickling? The colorful and cheerful bomb of Super Bomberman R for PS4 and XO is about to explode both digitally and physically; get it before it’s too late!


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