Create your own fate with Octopath Traveler for Nintendo Switch!

Octopath Traveler

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: JRPG

Almost in all cultures, the numbers are usually associated with specific events and meanings. For example; in China and Japan, they hold a special significance as they are considered to be auspicious for the people. Without any doubt, a prominent position is taken up the number eight.
Since antiquity, it has been used to refer to extraordinary things; for example we have the Pa Kua – the eight symbols’ system used in Taoism to represent the principles of reality -; the Eight Immortals; the Buddhist’s Noble Eightfold Path – which represent the best practices that set us free from the cycle of rebirth -; and also the Shintoist Orochi – the legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed dragon defeated by Susanoo in the Kojiki -. These few examples need to explain why this number is so relevant, leading Square-Enix to use it extensively in their new exclusive adventure for Nintendo Switch: Octopath Traveler.

Set in the mythical world of Osterra, you’ll be the absolute protagonist of an awe-inspiring tale that will give you the unique opportunity to control the destinies of eight people who are travel vast and wide across its regions.
Will you dance in the shoes of a tiny dancer or will you move silently in the night as a shadowy thief? The decision is up to you! But don’t forget that in Octopath Traveler for Switch you’ll live eight epic adventures that will change your point of view on life and twist of fate. Who are these brave adventurers and why they’ve started their journey? Well…if you proceed with the reading you’ll discover it. Let’s start with Ophilia the Cleric, she comes from the northern region of Frostlands and with her charisma she can guide people to bring the light of the hope in this dark age; Cyrus from the Flatlands is the most prominent scholar of the Royal Academy and his mission is to rescue a lost tome stolen by the library; the Coastlander’s merchant Tressa who aim to know as much as she can of the world; the legendary warrior Olberic who’s looking for his old comrade that turned into a traitor; the alluring dancer Primrose who – like in a chanbara movie – want to avenge the murder of her father; Alfyn an apothecary from the Riverlands which mission is to bring cures and reliefs to all the suffering beings; Therion the most renowned thief from Clifflands able to grab hugely precious items in a blink of an eye; and the hunter H’aanit a young girl who seeks her disappeared master.
During their voyages, these eight heroes will learn the true meaning of life, and they’ll unveil what lies beyond the horizon…

Featuring a traditional turn-based combat system that will give you all the time you need to think about the best strategy to adopt; Octopath Traveler for Switch combines eight different deeply emotional tales of heroism, exploration, combat, and rescue. Every decision you’ll take will have an impact on the world around you, so don’t be reckless and ponder any decision carefully, this branched story-system will lead you to unexpected twists that will forge the future of your digital avatar.
Presented with a nostalgic yet wonderful art + music style this is a complete game; indeed the producer Masashi Takahashi declared that no DLCs or other large content updates are planned for it.

Join the party digitally or physically and get ready to begin a new epic voyage to experience how an apparently meaningless decision can your life in a completely different direction. All of this (and much more) awaits you in Octopath Traveler for Nintendo Switch!


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