What are the Planned DLCs for Fire Pro Wrestling World? Find out Here

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Fire Pro Wrestling World

PlayStation 4™ – JAPAN & US

Spike Chunsoft’s professional Fire Pro Wrestling World has been launched almost a year now for PC. But now, it is time for the PS4 users to get into the ring and take down their opponents. The game will arrive on  August 9 in Japan and August 28 in NA. So North American and Japanese PS4 fans, mark those dates now on your calendars.

Pre-order for both regions are now open. Grab your copies here at Play-Asia.com.


And recently, Spike Chunsoft has announced their plans for the DLC of Fire Pro Wrestling World. The company uncovered three post-launch DLC. Plus, they also revealed a new mode and two scenarios for the game.

See the complete details below:

DLC #1: “Fire Promoter” Mode

  • Release Date: Fall 2018
  • Price: 2,160 yen

The popular mode from previous Fire Pro games where players manage a pro wrestling organization returns called “Fire Promoter.” Launch an original organization all your own, hire wrestlers, train and strengthen them, collaborate with other organizations, put on shows, sell goods and more in this detailed pro wrestling organization management experience.

DLC #2: “Junior Heavyweight Story”

  • Release Date: Fall 2018
  • Price: 1,600 yen

Experience the world of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Junior Heavyweight division from 2017 to 2018 in this new scenario. Accompanying the new scenario, many Junior Heavyweight wrestlers will appear.

Wrestlers planned to appear to include:

  • Jushin Thunder / Liger
  • Tiger Mask IV
  • Jado
  • Will Ospreay
  • SHO
  • YOH
  • Rocky Romero
  • Barretta
  • Yujiro Takahashi
  • Dragon Lee
  • and more!

DLC #3: New Story

Details will be announced at a later date.

-Via Gematsu

So, if you are planning to get these DLCs in the future, you can grab your PSN cards here at Play-Asia.com. Click the link below to redirect you to the product page.




  • Mix Up the Rules – Modes include Deathmatch (steel cage, barbed wire, or landmines), no-holds-barred Gruesome Fighting, and SWA homebrew rules that mix pro-wrestling and MMA
  • Unlimited Customization – Create your dream wrestler from over a thousand devastating moves, and even more body parts, to battle for custom championship belts. Personalize the ring, mat logos, and even the referee!
  • Realistic Simulation – Give your creations personalities with a robust system that defines their every action. Does your wrestler play to the crowd, or play dirty? You provide actors for the ringside drama
  • Play Online – Share your custom wrestlers, organize exhibition matches, tournaments, leagues, championship bouts, and battle royals with players from around the world


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