Watch YouTubers Adam Koralik & Imran Yusuf Revisit Dobuita Street of Shenmue

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Shenmue I & II

PS4™ & XONE™ – EU, US & ASIA

When Sega announced the return of Shenmue, die-hard fans of this classic game were thrilled. Take YouTuber Adam Koralik of FigureItOut Productions, one of the devoted fans of the series. And Adam is beyond excited to post series of updates for the upcoming Shenmue I & II collection.

On July 7, Adam uploaded the very first update for Shenmue I & II on his channel. Adam said that he is actually keeping in touch with Sega to deliver fresh updates for the game. In the video, he also teased that fans of the series will expect more video updates in the next coming days.

And on the next video feature last July 13, Adam Koralik together with his fellow YouTuber, Imran Yusuf, star in the video feature of Shenmue I & II. Adam and Imran revisit Dobuita Street where the game takes place.

Recall your love for the game and retrace the footsteps of Ryo Hazuki. Watch the video below.


Here’s Sega overview for the new video feature:

From convenience stores to vending machines, the open-world of Shenmue still bears resemblance to the bustling and lively real-world locations, and its very faithful representation of Dobuita Street immersed over a million players in Ryo’s quest to avenge his father. To this day, dozens of Shenmue fans like Adam and Imran visit Dobuita Street every year to retrace Ryo Hazuki’s footsteps, recalling their love for Shenmue and how they felt playing the games for the very first time.

The video highlights the notable and touching story of the game. Everything that is happening in the game is slow-paced. And that’s where you actually capture the momentum of Shenmue. It gives you more attention to details and more connection with the characters.

This feature gives the player more reason to follow the story of each character in the game. With this, players can really feel the special attachment that they are part of that culture. “Its engrossing you the story and you become a part of that world,” Adam explained.

In fact, the Shenmue series has a very devoted fan base. It is because the game really touched everyone’s heart. “It took a brave step in trying to really make you feel like you are part of this other culture, especially to us those in the West,” Adam stated.

Shenmue I & II is set for a digital and a physical release on August 21, 2018. Looking where to grab this game? Pre-order the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game here at Click that button below to save your copies.


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  • The best Shenmue experience – Updated user interface, Choice of modern or classic controls and Fully scalable screen resolutions
  • An epic legend – A tale of revenge on a grand scale, Solve the mystery of your father’s murder
  • The world feels alive – Distract yourself with arcade games, collectibles, duck racing, and more



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