State of Mind for PS4, XB1, Switch, and Steam – We’re Human After All!!!

State of Mind

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, Nintendo Switch, Steam Ι Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller

Community air monitoring warns against increasing health hazards!
Berlin, August 15, 2048 –The recent boom of industries has transformed hundreds of communities across Germany—from rural areas and small towns to suburbs and cities—into industrial production zones. Using unconventional techniques, and several hundreds of toxic chemicals; these new companies emit daily a huge amount of pollution into the air exposing residents, workers, and animals.
A recent report from the “S.A.F.E. (Save Air For Environment) Organization” entitled “Warning Signs From Above” revealed that a wide range of hazardous chemicals is present in the air at levels; much more than health and safety standards. In some cases; monitors revealed concentrations of hazardous chemicals high enough to pose an immediate health threat to people, causing symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, or breathing problems.
Also, to protect the younger from these respiratory problems some schools have been closed, while some others have installed an air pollution measuring device; in this way parents and school staff are in touch, and they can discuss how to limit children’s’ exposure.
“We’re all in a state of emergency, please stay at home and absolutely not conduct activities outdoors,” Heinz
Delbrück, deputy director general of the S.A.F.E. Organization, said.
Richard Nolan, Berlin,
15 Aug 2048 11.02 CET

When this article went live on the German-based global digital newspaper Grüne Zeitung, his life changed forever. Indeed, revealing the high level of toxicity in the air, Richard challenged the strong powers of the whole Europe. With this open critic about the conduct of the big companies, he risked generating a new environmental and social conscience in Germany and even beyond its borders.
So, to shut him up the solution is only one, kidnap his family and convince Richard to withdraw the contents of the article. But, what that companies and governments don’t know is that Richard Nolan is not a person that easily get caught up in his own grief, in fact, critic situations make him even more determined to pursue the truth. Are you brave enough to help him to rescue his family and save the planet from certain death? Well, discover it playing with State of Mind for PS4, XB1, Switch, and Steam!

In this new eco-friendly sci-fi adventure; you’ll enter in a not-so-far future where technology and megacorporations working together to provide a dystopian future. Telling a multifaceted story; which fuse cyberpunk futurism and human hope; in State of Mind for PS4, XB1, Switch, and Steam you’ll walk in the shoes of a brave man that is ready for anything to reunite with his family. Equipped with a vast arsenal of hi-tech weapons and devices your final objective is to rise up a global insurgency against all those wicked personalities which have poisoned the planet and ruined the lives of billions of people.

Featuring a unique art style, a multi-layered sci-fi story, and a huge amount of thrilling action; State of Mind for PS4, XB1, Switch, and Steam is a deeply emotional tale which recalls the best cyberpunk novels wrote by William Gibson or Bruce Sterling.
Go beyond the beyond! You’ll witness how technology, politics, and culture will be connected in the next 30 years. With a very important focus on the concepts of separation and reunion, this upcoming game brings some new ideas about what means being a human, taste the difference between real and virtual worlds only digitally.
Follow the steps of Richard, and delve into a transhumanist vision of the world changing your own State of Mind!!!


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