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Fate/Extella Link, Fate/Extella Link (Multi-Language), Asia, PS Vita, PS4, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots

Fate/Extella Link

PlayStation 4™ & PlayStation Vita – ASIA

One of  Marvelous Entertainment‘s glory games will conquer the Asia Pacific this September. Fate/Extella Link is an action game to the Fate series. It’s coming to the Asia Pacific this September 06 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


Yes, you read it, right folks. Fate/Extella Link Asian Version will be available in Multi-language subtitles! What languages are available? See it below.

  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Are you ready to see the reclaim of the possession on the Holy Grail in Fate/Extella Link? You know the drill, folks. Click the button below to pre-order yours now only here at Play-Asia.com.


The game sets in the events after Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star where the servants and the master battle for the right to be on the Moon Cell Automaton’s owner ceremony conflict also known as the Holy Grail War. The Master and Nero won the Holy Grail War. Their prize is the Regalia. The Regalia is a ring that proves their authority over the Servant in Fate/Extella universe. However, a team led by Tamamo with Altera the Destroyer of Civilization defy them. As a result, the world of Extella is on the verge of brutality and violence.  A new servant named Charlemagne sets foot to the world of Extella, and his story will unfold in this game.

Now for the game features. Enjoy the high-resolution graphics and the high-speed servant actions. Plus, a new battle of Servant will occur in the next version of the moon world. There are 16 playable servants from Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star. In addition to the 16 servants, the new Servants from this game will also be playable. Defeat those enemies with overwhelming power beyond human understanding.

Fate/Extella Link, Fate/Extella Link (Multi-Language), Asia, PS Vita, PS4, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots

The Premium Limited Edition of Fate/Extella Link is also available for pre-order. See the inclusions below.

Box contents

  • PS4/PSVita Game: Fate/Extella Link
  • Mahjong Tile Set: Aruko Wada-illustrated “Holy Tile of the Moon”
  • Special Box: Aruko Wada-illustrated
  • Soundtrack CD


Fate/Extella Link, Fate/Extella Link (Multi-Language), Asia, PS Vita, PS4, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots

Fate/Extella Link was first released in Japan last June 7th. This high-speed Servant game got the highest sales in the first week since the release of this game in Japan. It proves that this game is excellent enough. And, we have available stocks for both PS4 and PS Vita plus, the Premium Limited Edition is still available. So, you better grab your copies right now before it runs out of stocks.


Read more about the game here.



  • A New Story Centered on New Servant Charlemagne – A carefree young man who rather bluntly says he is not very well suited to be king. He decides his actions and aesthetic based on “whether it’s cool” or “whether it’s tacky.” Even if it’s bad for himself, or bad for his Master
  • Reborn Action and Graphics: High-Speed Servant Action – A further enhanced system with evolved graphics and controls centered on Servant-based action. A new battle of Servants will unfold in the next version of the moon world
  • All 16 Servants from Fate/Extella are Playable – In addition to all 16 playable Servants from Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, new Servants will also be playable. Defeat thousands of enemies with overwhelming power beyond human understanding
  • New Outfits for the “Master,” the Player Avatar – The “Master” is the protagonist and player character, and together with their Servant will spin a new tale. Not only can you choose from a male or female Master, since you can also freely change their name, an offshoot of the player themselves will appear in the game
  • The Moon’s World – The territory ruled over by Nero and Tamamo is even more wonderful and gorgeous. And newer than that, buildings reminiscent of churches seem to be appearing. A new area will also appear. It appears to float in midair and seems to be able to freely move around



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