First4Figures Proudly Presents Metal Gear Solid Statue: Solid Snake – Now Open for Pre-Order!

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Metal Gear Solid Statue: Solid Snake

First4Figures – US


Konami‘s Metal Gear Solid was an action-adventure stealth video game for PlayStation in 1998. It was a well-received game and sold more than six million copies worldwide. It scored an average of 94/100 in one of the most famous game critics website, Metacritic. The video game was considered one of the greatest and most important video games ever. Of course, without this legendary game, the stealth genre would not be as popular in video games today.

But enough with the game, let’s talk about the character who’s the subject of First4Figures’ latest piece of art, welcome Metal Gear series protagonist, Solid Snake!

“A strong man doesn’t need to read the future. He makes his own.” – Solid Snake

Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake, Toys, US, First4Figures, Metal Gear Solid Statue: Solid Snake, Statue, release date, features, price

Solid Snake was a former spy, special operations soldier, and mercenary. He has an IQ of 180. He’s also fluent in six different languages. Known as the Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible, his accomplishments in his respective field makes him a living legend among the military black ops. He is a product of the Les Enfants Terribles. Solid Snakes was a clone of the world-renowned soldier Big Boss along with his brothers.

In Metal Gear Solid, he infiltrated a nuclear weapon facility to counterbalance the terrorist threat from FOXHOUND. He must liberate the two hostages, the head of DARPA and the president of a major arms manufacturer, confront the terrorists and stop from launching a nuclear strike.

And, now First4Figures proudly presents this Metal Gear Solid Statue: Solid Snake! In the documentary, First4Figures made this statue over nine long years! Yes, you read it, right folks. Nine years in the making.

You thought it was impossible? Not for Solid Snake. Remember he’s The Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible. This is the first statue in First4Figures in Metal Gear Solid Statue line. With a height of approximately 440 mm, a width of approximately 380 mm and a depth of approximately 240 mm, Metal Gear Solid Statue: Solid Snake is definitely a great figure to be sneaking around your homes.

So, what’s in the package? See it below.

Box contents

  • Metal Gear Solid – Solid Snake Statue
  • Highly detailed base capturing an action scene based from the Metal Gear Solid series
  • 2 Headsculpts (Normal and Alternative version)

Are you ready for this awesome statue for your rooms, folks? Here at, Metal Gear Solid Statue: Solid Snake is now available for pre-orders. You better be quick! The pre-order deadline for this statue is until August 30, 2018. (GMT+8) So, click the button below to pre-order yours now, or you’ll be yelling SNAKE?! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!


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  • Materials: Polystone
  • Height: approx. 440mm (17.5 inches)
  • Width: approx. 380mm (15 inches)
  • Depth: approx. 240mm (9.5 inches)
  • Artists: Tushank Jaiswal
  • Licensed by Konami.
  • Limited availability


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