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Night Trap

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: 90s FMV Adventure

Dana Plato. If you’re not grown up in the 80s, probably this name won’t say a thing. She was an American actress which gained a worldwide sized spotlight during that decade when she was chosen to play to part of Kimberly Drummond in the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes; which has been aired from 1978 to 1986. Even if it was a TV comedy; some episodes explored concepts like racism, drug use, hitchhiking, kidnapping, and child abuse in a serious way. These stories helped a lot to create a common conscience about the problems of modern society. Unfortunately, after her success in Diff’rent Strokes, she takes some roles in some minor B-Movies, and in the first video game in history that used live actors: Night Trap. Which is also considered one of the first games that include mature contents.

Originally released in 1992 for Sega CD; Night Trap follows the story of a special agent which mission is to protect a group of teenage girls who are inside a mansion full of dangers (not least a hooded creatures of the night a.k.a. vampires). You, as the special agent, must keep all under control switching between the surveillance cameras and listening to the various conversations who can give you a number of useful advice about the next victim.
With its multi-branched story that leads you to 6 different endings; at its release the game received some mixed reviews that don’t help the sales, but through the years it became a cult game, and it has re-released even on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and now…Nintendo Switch!

But what makes it a so culty title? Well, putting aside the B-movie style, the weird humor, and the sexy girls; what brought it into legend is without any doubt the Congressional hearing on video game violence of December 9, 1993. During it, both Night Trap and the first Mortal Kombat episode were supposed to promote gratuitous violence among young people. You can click here to see the whole hearing!

Even if senators Joe Lieberman and Herb Kohl never played the game; all the most important newspaper of the time wrote several dozens of articles on it. The results of the hearing and the subsequent coverage was that Night Trap sold about 50,000 copies in one week, and the creation of the U.S. Rating system ESRB on the next year.
In addition – and this is ironic – at that time the Nintendo of America president Howard Lincoln stated that “Night Trap will never appear on a Nintendo system.” but 25 years later the things are destined to change because it’ll be appearing on Switch on August 24.

The new version of this FMV adventure game comes with a bunch of extra features that will make happy all the young and old fans of this classic. Take a load off! Enjoy the all the deleted scenes that weren’t included in the original version, the two documentaries which explain you all about the development and the controversial hearings, the brand new “Theater Mode” thanks to which you can watch all the story videos like a real movie, the “Survivor” gameplay mode that will take the Night Trap‘s challenge to a new level of acting, and many other ones.

If you think that the time to add a piece of history to your Switch game library has come, now’s your chance! Get Night Trap for Switch, and protect all those beautiful co-eds from traps and intruders; if you’ll do it they’ll be!


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