SoulCalibur VI UPDATE: New DLC Character, New Story Mode & More!

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SoulCalibur VI


Bandai Namco dropped huge announcements during Gamescom 2018 about their upcoming weapon-based 3D fighting game, SoulCalibur VI. And that’s how you make an announcement with an impact!

The publisher announced the new addition in the game’s roster, Tira. However, Tira is a DLC and you have to pay to get the DLC. Also, a new story mode was revealed which is called Libra of Soul along with the details about the online play.

Libra of Soul Story Mode

Here in Libra of Soul, players are allowed to design their own customized warrior. The story mode features a customization tool that allows the players to choose from 16 races, including human, lizard or even living skeleton, before customizing the size, facial features, hairstyle, clothes, armor and, of course, weapons and fighting style.

Libra of Soul is the second story mode in SoulCalibur VI, joining the previously announced Chronicle of Souls mode. Once players created their own unique character, players will be thrown on a quest to “stop a new evil mastermind at work to gather Soul Edge shards.”

Characters from the main story, Chronicles of Souls and other custom fighters will also appear during the entire story mode of Libra of Soul. In addition, the combat system here in Libra of Soul has a different set of rules that will shape each fighter’s path.

You can watch the trailer for Libra of Soul below.


Also, Bandai Namco revealed the online play about the game. Here in SoulCalibur VI, the custom fighter from the Libra of Soul story mode or any of your favorite fighters in the game can be used in both casual or rank matches.

New DLC Character

As for the newly announced DLC character, Tira, the Bird of Death is also announced as a pre-order bonus if you purchased the Season Pass. And for those who haven’t got the Season Pass, no worries, Tira can also be purchased separately as a stand-alone DLC.

Tira is a returning character who was first seen in 2005’s SoulCalibur 3. You can check out her announcement trailer below together with her description.


Tira, an expert wielder of her Ring Blade named Eiserne Drossel, fights using her own Dance of Death style. Trained by the mysterious Birds of Passage group of assassins, Tira abandoned the group after its leader went mad. Alone and angry, Tira, travels across the world, slaughtering any that get in her way – taking great pleasure in the trail of blood in her wake.

So if you want to include Tira on your SoulCalibur VI roster, you can get your PSN and Xbox Cards here on our website.


SoulCalibur VI will be available on October 19 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-order yours here at Reserve your copies now.


For more information about the game, you can check out the details below.



  • The legendary weapon-based 3D fighting game returns to its roots
  • State of the art graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • A complete roster of returning characters and newcomer
  • An epic story mode of the struggle for the two swords
  • Revamped gameplay mechanics for intense showdowns
  • Dynamic fights enhanced by cinematic-styled combat


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Check out the latest announcements and pre-orders at the Gamescom 2018. Click the image below!

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