The Long Dark Will Arrive at Its Physical Version this September for PS4 & XONE

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The Long Dark

PlayStation 4™ & Xbox One™ – US & EU


Hinterland Studio finally decides to bring The Long Dark to the retail stores. The Long Dark is a first-person survival video game published by Skybound Games and developed by Hinterland Studio. Canada Media Fund funded this game. This game was released through Steam Early Access in September 2014. Then, the alpha version was launched for Xbox One last June 2015. With the release of the alpha version, the game sold around 750,000 copies by April 2016. Then, the PlayStation 4 version followed.

Now, it’s coming to the physical stores this September 7 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And, here at, this game is now available for pre-order. So, click the button below to secure your retail copy of this below.


You play the role of a crash-landed bush pilot. You must survive in the frigid Canadian wilderness after a global disaster. See the bright lights across the calm night sky as the wind blows outside the thin walls of your wooden cabin. At night, wolves howl in the distance. You look at your supplies if you can survive in the wilderness. Can you survive?

In The Long Dark, you explore the expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a global disaster. Survive. There are no other people around – only you, the cold, the wilderness and the Mother Nature. The main objective is to survive as long as possible by finding resources that might help you to your survival. There are two modes of this game: Story Mode and Survival Mode.

According to the press release from Hinterland Studio and Skybound Games, the retail version will include a DLC for the game’s official soundtrack. Here’s the full scoop from the press release below.

Every retail edition box of The Long Dark will include a code to download the game’s Original Soundtrack, as well as a limited edition physical Field Journal. Used by an unnamed survivor on Great Bear Island, this naturalist’s Field Journal includes a map of the Island, as well as plenty of room to log your day’s activities – the perfect companion for any survivor of the Quiet Apocalypse! – via Shacknews

Get ready to survive in the Canadian wilderness in The Long Dark. What are you waiting for? PRE-ORDER YOURS NOW!



  • Ease yourself into the core mechanics of the game via the compelling narrative of the WINTERMUTE Story Mode
  • Explore the wilds your own way in the massive sandbox Survival Mode
  • Enjoy bite-sized sessions through the standalone, objective-based Challenges
  • Want to fully customize your experience? The Survival Mode’s custom difficulty settings let you adjust 50+ para-meters, from the spawning rate of wildlife and resources to weather patterns
  • Deep Survival Mechanics – Face fully-dynamic weather, day/night cycle, and wildlife simulation



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