Feel the real soul of Japan with Slice, Dice & Rice for Switch!

Slice, Dice & Rice

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Samurai Action

Draw your katana with Slice, Dice & Rice for Switch!!!
Samurai (侍 – the one who serves). Universally known as one of the greatest élite warriors in history, they were expert both in melee and sword fighting. As the main personalities of a social system entirely based on war, the so-called “Bakufu”, the samurai is a very important figure in the long and charming history of Japan.

Honorable, powerful, and highly cultured, their lives were disciplined by the Bushido (武士道 – the way of the warrior). But what is it? According to the writer and educator Inazo Nitobe, the author of the classic book “Bushido: The Soul of Japan” it’s a code of chivalry based primarily on non-martial qualities such as compassion and benevolence; built on eight virtues:

  • Rectitude

  • Courage

  • Mercy

  • Politeness

  • Honesty

  • Honor

  • Loyalty

  • Self-Control

this way of life demonstrated the ageless qualities of manliness giving priority to compassion over confrontation, and benevolence over belligerence.

Obviously, above all during the Warring States period, the samurai was also trained to fight and kill. The perfect warrior has no fear of the death, but he has fear to dishonor his daimyo (general). In this case, he was forced to perform the ritual suicide known as seppuku.

Maybe not everyone knows that samurai weren’t only men; indeed we can find many examples of bravery and fighting skills also between women. Spanning between all the ages, the most renowned woman-warriors are without any doubts the mythical empress Jingu; the spouse of Minamoto no Yoshinaka, Tomoe Gozen; and in more recent times the samurai defenders of Aizu region Futaba Yamakawa, Takeko Nakano & Yaeko Yamamoto who fought during the Boshin civil war in the anti-imperial troops inspiring many other girls to join the cause.

Now in the year 30 of the Heisei Era (a.k.a. 2018) you can become an expert samurai with Slice, Dice & Rice for Switch. Pay close attention to detail, be always calm, and train hard every day under the guidance of a good teacher. Follow the rules of Bushido, and don’t forget that even if a brilliant mind is one of the most powerful weapons, you shouldn’t forget that an excellent technique with katana can help you in the worst situations.

Combining spirit and sword in a unique thing in Slice, Dice & Rice for Switch you can easily unleash the ultimate force! Enter in the Japanese underworld to show your skills challenging the toughest warriors, in this incredibly real game a single blow can make the difference between life and death. Choose your hero, each with their own unique style, weapon, and signature kill move, and discover the true reasons behind the mere thrills.

Creativity and fast-thinking are rewarded in this kenjutsu game in which you must battle to become the ultimate survivor. Featuring a mix of art, violence, and action, Slice, Dice & Rice is an action game unlike any other.

Friendship, betrayal, and swords! Carve up the battlefield while you walk the way of the samurai only digitally with your Nintendo Switch!


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