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Windows™ (PC) – Europe

Last year, the one-person studio UK Indie developer Twice Circled by Tim Wicksteed announced his newest economic simulation game: Megaquarium. Megaquarium is inspired by classic theme park management tycoon games and adds an aquatic twist. So, if you love the aqua life and the species that dwell in it, this game is for you!

And now, Megaquarium is set to release in Europe on September 14, 2018, for PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux). And that’s tomorrow, folks! Grab your copies now and get ready to build your astonishing aquatic empire. Reserve your copies here at


You can check out the trailer for the game below.


Design, nurture, and manage your own public aquarium here in Megaquarium. Choose your inhabitants from the lovely fishes to the deadly sharks and watch them grow with your care. Design a dream habitat for your tenants. But not only will you design for your inhabitants, you’ll do the same to visitors as well. Let your imagination run wild to build the most marvelous and extraordinary public aquarium in history!

The game features over 100 aquatic creatures to nurture and attend to. These include sharks, crustaceans, live coral, jellyfish, and more. Every animal will have its particular conditions that must be reached for them to grow and prosper. Taking care of these aquatic creatures is not an easy task, as they will be placed in different aquariums.

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock various kinds of species that will utterly test your skills. New equipment and guest facilities will also be unlocked as you advance.

And just like any other ordinary business, you’re going to have your own employees. Treat your staff right and help them develop their skills for them to help you manage the aquarium.


  • Meet your new tenants – From the cutest of clownfish to the deadliest of sharks. Megaquarium will include a wide range of aquatic life: Fish, Crustaceans, Jellyfish, Live Corals and more!
  • Watch them grow – You’ll have your work cut out to keep their wide-ranging requirements met, but if you do they’ll grow and their stats will increase
  • Plan your aquarium layout – A doubly-difficult task. You need to arrange your tanks for optimum visitor flow and easy access for your staff
  • Hire and manage staff – Will you train up an energetic amateur or buy in expertise? Your staff’s skills will grow over time, but beware, your livestock is not the only thing with feelings. If staff disapprove of your management methods they might leave!
  • Reap rewards with decorations – Decorate your tanks to create powerful combos, increasing the rate at which they generate income
  • Advanced interactions – Watch out for interactions between fish. If you’re not careful, you might find your prize fish becomes another’s meal!


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Let’s see who’s excited about this game!

Looks Megaquarium gained plenty of fans already! Kudos to the one hardworking and incredibly talented developer of this game, Tim WicksteedMake sure you grab a copy of this game, folks!

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