Big News! Playasia is Re-Branding!

Big news!  Today after over 15 years of servicing our devoted fans, a new headquarters office move plus updates within our company,  we have decided the time is right to release an updated company brand identity which will include a new logo plus color scheme throughout our website and all branding assets. 

The aim of our new design was to better match how our company has moved forward, bring this more up to date to our values and to the users we serve.  Compared with the same green color for over 15 years, we feel the new blue color scheme brings a more fresh, cool and updated look to serve our customers for the next 15 years to come!

Customers will notice color changes, updates to social media, a brand new color scheme and logo change throughout our website, newsletters and marketing/promotional materials.  We hope that this new look will enhance and energize our brand while keeping the core service values we uphold.

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Kind regards,

From all of us at Playasia

14 Responses

  1. The new re-design looks great. I definitely approve.

    • Joemar says:

      Hi Henry Collins,

      We’re glad that you liked our new design. It really means so much to us. And we hope that we can still and even exceed your expectations with all the future things that we are about to offer to our valued readers like you. 🙂

      Best regards, Team

  2. Rogh_MR says:

    The color change and everything looks pretty cool, but I liked the old logo better, I feel it represented the site better.

    But keep the good work regardless.

    • Joemar says:

      Hi Rogh_MR,

      Thanks for your feedback. It’s really quite hard to let go of that iconic logo that represented us for all these years. But sometimes, we also need to embrace meaningful changes. Yet something will remain the same, we will always be the same that you came to know. Or perhaps we would change quite a bit–for the better. 🙂

      Best regards, Team

  3. Artiom D. says:

    Nice change, guys! Green is my favorite color but this still looks great! Wish you all the best! While I’m at it, I’ve been getting your Switch eastasiasoft exclusive games recently. I know at least 4 more are coming next year. Wanted to say thet your first three games are awesome (Dimension Drive, RXN Raijin and Shikhondo), but I’m not sure if the next 4 are worth it. Hope I’m wrong and they’re all great games in their own right. I just wanted to say: please, select the games very carefully and don’t oversatured it with these releases. I decided against collecting Limited Run Games and Super Rare Games (though, I did pre-order Worms W.M.D. because I love the series). Those companies release way too often and some of the games are really nothing special. Please, don’t go the same road. Release 1 game every 4-5 months. Don’t release, like, 3 games every two months. It’ll be impossible to collect. And don’t release bad games. I really love that your first releases are all nice Shoot ’em ups. That makes you stand out. Dunno about games like Death Road to Canada. I looked it up and really not sure if it’s a good game worth buying.
    Anyway, sorry for the loooong post. Wish you the best!

    • Joemar says:

      Hi Artiom D.,

      Thank you for your review. We appreciate it. We’re glad that you liked our new rebranded color. About the games, thanks for letting us know. We’ll surely take that into consideration. 🙂

      Best regards, Team

  4. Felipe Guarnieri says:

    The new logo is cool but at the same time I like the old one. The site is way better in blue and white and now feels great search the games here, I love it!

    Keep on the good work!

    • Joemar says:

      Hi Felipe Guarnieri,

      Thank you for your review. We appreciate it. Rest assured that we’ll continue what we have started in serving with gaming products as Asia’s #1 supplier. 🙂

      Best regards, Team

  5. V. says:

    While both font and colour are alright (though previous combination was better), the new logo is pretty bad. It’s got an amateurish look due to the lack of symmetry (I, for one, feel it should be symmetric to look nicer) and simply being too plain (not in a good way). Just my opinion, hope I don’t sound too harsh.

    • Joemar says:

      Hi V.,

      Thank you for your review. We appreciate it. It will get better in time. We just embraced a meaningful change in this new era of gaming. But what stays the same is our goal of satisfying all your gaming needs for the next years to come.

      Best regards, Team

  6. Trysh says:

    The old logo shows a joystick, which I interpreted having some retro games related. But the new logo is a controller, which might means that you guys are also advancing, and I applaud you guys for that.

    • Joemar says:

      Hi Trysh,

      Thank you for your review. We appreciate it. Yes, we’re actually advancing to provide you more than what you deserve as our valued customers. 🙂

      Best regards, Team

  7. Dingding says:

    Well, I knew this website from 2010, as an old user I am surprised at this new branding, but as a graphic and web designer in life, I have some personal thoughts:

    The first question comes in mind is: what does the new logo’s icon trying to tell? Why there is a “video play” inside the controller? Well it might be a misunderstanding from the designer, which is the meaning of “PLAY” from PLAYASIA, it means “gameplay” NOT the videoplay.

    And if I take a closer look into the old logo, there was a JOYSTICK icon besides the text part, which at least did a better expression.

    For the font choice, it’s good, its a trendy style with bold and sans serif typo, plus rounded corners.

    And Color palette is also not bad which remind me of PlayStation but a bit too heavy tone, for gaming I think it suppose to be more vibrant, compared to the old logo using a dual green tone maybe fits better the image of gaming.

    But anyway, the old logo is surely a bit out dated from today’s trend, but it still has some good features which the new branding didn’t carry forward them unfortunately.

    Sorry for the long words, but as an old user which always coming visiting the site, I truely like the service and just wanted to make it better, thank you for reading all this, the best,

    • Joemar says:

      Hi Dingding,

      Thank you for your review. We appreciate it. And we’re more than happy to get to know someone who’s been our customer since 2010 and now giving us a worthy feedback for us to take a look into.

      There’s a deeper reason for the changes of color from light green to a deeper blue, the change of icon, and the font style. A unique selling proposition. And a journey that led our brand from what it was to what it is today. Our logo represents not just our brand but also our values as a company.

      First, the “video play” inside the controller symbolizes how we’ve been unstoppable all these years. Regardless of the adversities and abrupt changes in the gaming industry, we stood and will stand firm to provide the best for our valued customers…just like you.

      Second, the trendy style with bold and sans serif typo plus rounded corners only show that we are, indeed, amenable to meaningful changes. That no matter what the times may bring to the gaming industry, we will find ways to make it work, not just for us, but for the gamers who lean on us.

      Lastly, you’re right about us making use of a heavy tone from the old logo that we have. It shows our commitment to a deeper customer satisfaction as deep as the dark blue hue in the new logo.

      We appreciate the pieces of advice and feedback that you’ve given us. Highly appreciated.

      Best regards, Team

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