Go back to the 90s with Capcom Belt Action Collection for PS4, Switch, and XB1!!!

Capcom Belt Action Collection

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Capcom Platinum Collection

The seven Lucky Gods, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven days of a week, the seven wonders of the ancient world, the seven seas, the seven Dragon Balls…
Throughout the long millennia of history humankind gave a special meaning to some specific numbers, in particular, the number 7 has appeared in many different cultures as a powerful symbol of completion and perfection. For example, even many plants, insects, and animals have biological cycles based on seven. While from a more pop-pov this number is very important in the worldwide beloved series Game of Thrones. In fact, we can see that are present seven kingdoms, the Faith of the Seven religion, and the seven members of the Kingsgaurd, and we must not forget that George R.R. Martin planned to write seven books of his “A Song of Ice and Fire” cycle.
Even Capcom knows the importance of it, and for the first time has gathered seven action gems from the past to make a very precious collection: Capcom Belt Action Collection for PS4, XB1, and Switch!
This fully nostalgic retrospective includes nearly a decade of video game history to take you back to the days of crowded arcades, pockets full of change and the excitement of holding bragging rights to the high score rankings.

Final Fight – 1989

I want all the inhabitants of Metro City to be secure in their homes. To feel that they are part of a community that they can enjoy, shape, and afford to live in.
– Mike Haggar –

Well done Mr. Haggar, you have been elected as the new mayor of Metro City, a place renowned in all the U.S. As the most dangerous city in the country, a real crime capital?. You must work hard to restore things, and we don’t talk of only one or two skid rows, but SIX vast districts need your help. Walk and fight along the slums, the park, the west side, the industrial area, the bay area, and the uptown to eradicate the threat of the Mad Gear Gang. This criminal organization wants to keep you under control to the lord on millions of harmless people and to try to convince you they’ve kidnapped Jessica your only beloved daughter. Luckily in this long voyage through the dirty streets of Metro City, you’ll be not alone. Helped by the street fighters Cody Travers and Guy it’s time to go down, and clear the streets!

This is the Final Fight! You’ve one only chance to save both Jessica and an entire city!

The King of Dragons – 1991

An old legend tells that many centuries ago the prosperous kingdom of Malus enter into the blackest darkness due the presence of the evil red dragon Gildiss.
To restore the peace a party of five heroes: a warrior, an elf, a cleric, a wizard, and a dwarf start their quest to put an end to his evil reign. Along with this perilous voyage they’ve encountered endless hordes of creatures; from the weak goblins to the insanely powerful cyclopes.
Many precious treasures and some unexpected aids made their quest a little bit easier, but trust me, it was full of threats, and all the heroes experienced the worst moments in their whole life.
Unfortunately, the scroll doesn’t reveal how the story ends, but, dear guest, you can create your own epilogue with The King of Dragons!

Captain Commando – 1991

The year 2026 – After some decades of relative peace thanks to the efforts of Haggar, Cody, and Guy, Metro City is again under attack by the mutant terrorist organization led by the mysterious Scumocide. The only one who can face (and probably) defeat him and his army of weird minions is the Commando Team!
Captain Commando, Mack the Knife, Ginzu the Ninja, and the genius toddler Baby Head will start their crusade on Earth and they’ll finish it on Callisto, the second-largest moon of Jupiter. Strong in body and mind this team of glorious heroes must be prepared for the worst; because they are the ultimate defenders of our planet!
In Captain Commando you don’t need to wield lethal weapons, because YOU ARE a lethal weapon! Challenged by hundreds of human, robot, and alien foes; be ready to start a classic milestone of the 90s that will push him to the limits your fighting skills!

Knights of the Round – 1991

Everyone knows the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Accordingly the original legend, he unified Britain defending it from the Saxon at the beginning of the VI century: Portrayed in many books, comics, movies, and video games; the figure of King Arthur is still very popular even among the younger generations.
Released in the arcades in November 1991; Knights of the Round bring us in the British Middle-Age. Arthur has just pulled out the mythical Excalibur from the rocks, and this automatically makes him the king of the whole of Britain, a country wracked with chaos and desperation.
Only the magical artifact is known as the Holy Grail, and the Arthur’s will can save it from the ruin. Together with Perceval and Lancelot, he forms a formidable trio of heroes. Battle against evil knights, petty tyrants, and sinister sorcerers to reclaim the grail and your rightful place on the throne as a Knight of the Round!

Tenchi wo Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai – 1992

Loosely based on the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”; one of the most popular books of Chinese literature, and regarded as one of the four great classical novels; this historical novel written by Luo Guanzhong in the XIV Century covers more than 100 years of Chinese history, starting in 168 A.D., and ending with the reunification of the country in 280 A.D. With it extended prose narrative, the author has created a realistic world that describes a believable dynastic-cycle from the fall of the Han Dynasty under Emperor Ling due to the Yellow Turban rebellion, the division of the land into the three kingdoms of Shu, Wei, and Wu, and the reunification of the empire by the Jin Dynasty. Even today it’s considered a literary masterpiece, and during his long editorial life, it has influenced and inspired hundreds of TV series, dramas, books, movies, and obviously games!
Tenchi wo Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai is focused on the chapter Battle at the Red Cliffs in which Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, and Huang Zhong must defeat the evil warlord Lū Bu. Drawn by Hiroshi Motomiya, the creator of Tenchi wo Kurao manga series, appeared on Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1983, this beat’em up is another one of the Capcom’s great classic games. Delve into the Chinese history, and seat to the table for devouring Heaven and Earth!

Powered Gear – 1994

The full metal madness has finally arrived! Set in the far future; Powered Gear gives you the opportunity to pilot a 30-tons mecha to save Melkide, the capital of the Principalities of Raia. With four powerful robots at your disposal, you’re an all-in-one army. Its exciting yet touching story will let you enter in a complex political intrigue between the United Earth Federation and Raia; do your part in this heroic struggle that can change millions of lives not only on Earth but in the whole galaxy in a one-on-thousands steel riot! Powered Gear provides you an incredibly intense and mechawesome high-octane action! Perform deadly unique combos, and make it more powerful with the original “Team-up Change” customization feature.
Feel metal suits stomp around the battlefield with this massive beat’em up!

Battle Circuit – 1997

In the space year 20XX, the mad scientist Doctor Saturn (criminal serial code 9696X) and his absurd “Delete Gang” has stolen a floppy disk which contains the “Shiva (Tentei) System”; a virus able to reset all the computers on Earth. To rescue it a bunch of five anti-heroes: Cyber Blue, Captain Silver, Yellow Iris, Pink Ostrich, and Alien Green join their forces for the greater good.
Colorful, crazy & cool; Battle Circuit is one of the rarest gems of the Capcom line-up, and finally it arrives (for the very first time) on home consoles! Delve into it to discover a unique genre of game: the disco-funky-outrageous-bounty-hunter-beat’em up!. This is absolutely NOT like any other game; from the art style to the synth-music, everything is a typhoon of fresh air. If you are a fan of the GOTG and of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this is perfect for you. Don’t panic! The reset of your planet isn’t the end of the world…but could be a hassle of universal proportions!
So, wear your most stylish battlesuit and start to spoiling for a fight!

Isn’t all of this absolutely wonderful? For only US$19.99 or 3300JPY you can get a treasure of seven shining digital diamonds that will let you relive the glory days of the arcades. Go platinum with Capcom Belt Action Collection for PS4, XB1, and Switch!!!


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