Aspyr’s PSVR Game (Torn) Will be Getting its Physical Release this October

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PlayStation VR™ – Europe

Developer Aspyr Media tied up with publisher Perpetual Games to bring Torn in retail stores as a physical release this October for the PlayStation VR. Torn is a dark sci-fi mystery game set to release on October 26 this year.

Pre-order for this game is now available here at Will you be picking up this game? Click the button below to reserve your copies.


Torn was first released digitally via Steam (for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) and PSN Store (for PSVR). So, if you want to get the game digitally, you can grab your PSN at Steam digital cards here on our website. Just click the button below to buy yours.


You can watch the reveal trailer for the game below.


According to Aspyr, Torn’s narrative is inspired by TV shows such as Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone.

“We were inspired by the feeling of Black Mirror and the Twilight Zone, and wanted to create a truly dark and unexpected cinematic gaming experience in VR. Torn pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in VR, and we can’t wait for gamers to discover the secrets of the Mansion.”

-via Michael Blair, Director of Sales at Aspyr

The story follows the role of a video blogger named, Katherine Patterson, who will have to uncover the dark mysteries of an abandoned mansion deep in a forgotten forest that she discovers. The mansion is owned by a physicist named Dr. Lawrence Talbot, who went missing over 64 years ago.

Dr. Talbot’s cryptic abandoned mansion brims with strange “Willy Wonka like” machines haphazardly installed into its walls and floors. As you discover more about Dr. Talbot’s life and his strange disappearance, the secrets of the mansion begin to unfold themselves.

Torn is a PSVR game that requires a lot of solving narrative puzzle games, as you help Dr. Talbot reactivate the strange machines to power his mansion. As the story progresses, it will all shift into dark, character-driven story as you slowly discover the story about Talbot and another dimension known as “The Parallel.”

Furthermore, you will also soon discover a strange tool called “gravity tool” that lets you manipulate gravity in the environment, where you can throw tables, chairs, and even reveal hidden circuits and mechanisms built into the walls of Talbot’s mansion.

Will you be able to discover what lies behind Talbot’s mansion? Will you be able to discover the truth about Talbot’s disappearance? Are you ready for this game? RESERVE YOUR COPIES NOW!


  • THE MANSION – Teeming with puzzles and machinations in this sci-fi sandbox VR destination thriller
  • HIJACK GRAVITY – Use Dr. Talbot’s Gun to throw around chairs and pianos with the flick of your wrist
  • CINEMATIC VR – Written by industry veterans Neill Glancy and Susan O’Connor with a score from Garry Schyman


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