Spider-Man PS4 Version 1.08 Adds New Game Plus, Ultimate Difficulty & More!

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PlayStation 4™ – US, EU, Japan & Asia

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available with its version 1.08 update that actually bundles with version 1.07 as well. This might be the largest and most highly- anticipated update for Spider-Man PS4 so far.

The update comes with a size of more than 4 GB as it brings the much-awaited New Game Plus and Ultimate difficulty. Trophy hunters can now look forward to getting two new Trophies as well, which can be earned by completing both of those aforementioned new features.

Other noteworthy enhancements include the ability to rotate layers in the game’s Photo Mode. In addition, there will be new frames and stickers, along with a new shortcut for the Photo Mode. Players can now easily trigger Photo Mode via the left directional button.

Furthermore, this update also includes support for the exclusive’s first DLC of the game, The Heist, which is coming out next week.

And there’s more! Let’s take a look at these improvements one by one via the official patch notes by Insomniac Games:

Version 1.08

  • Fixes and Updates
    • Addressed additional issues.

Version 1.07

  • New Features
    • Added support for “The City That Never Sleeps – The Heist” story pack.
    • Added New Game Plus.
    • Added Ultimate difficulty.
    • Added the ability to rotate layers in Photo Mode.
    • Added new frames and stickers to Photo Mode.
    • Added a shortcut option to trigger Photo Mode via the left button.
  • Fixes and Updates
    • Tuned Friendly combat difficulty based on player feedback.
    • Added a max health cap of 250 and normalized players.
    • Added a potential solution for a crash related to graphical artifacting.
    • Addressed an issue where players could respawn inside a building in the Financial District.
    • Addressed an issue where animation during cinematics could break due to hard drive streaming.
    • Addressed an issue where pedestrians would disappear for a frame in the distance.
    • Addressed an issue where combat music would persist in the open world after completing a Sable Base.
    • Addressed various additional issues.

Spider-Man is available for PlayStation 4. Haven’t got a copy of the game yet? Grab yours here at Playasia.com.


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