WHAT’S HOT? Top 5 Games of the Day (Black Friday Sale) Batch 1

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Top 5 Games of the Day

Hi there, dear gamers! Have you been enjoying our Early Black Friday Sale here at Playasia? If you are, we’re going to double that glee in your already-happy hearts as we will be rolling out the Top 5 Games of the Day weekly for the Black Friday Sale!

Since loads of products are already on huge discounts, and it can be too overwhelming for you to take in, we are here to help you decide which is the best among the best.

Are you ready to browse the first batch of the Top 5 Games of the Day? If you are, then let’s get started!

Psikyo Collection Vol. 1 (Multi-Language)

Top 5 games of the day, Playasia, Black Friday, Black Friday Sale, Sale

Video game collectors, you all know that it’s always nice to have a physical release of digital-only games, especially if they are arcade classics, right? So, if you are into this kind of collector and classic arcade thing, then Psikyo Collection Vol. 1 for Nintendo Switch is for you!

And what’s great about this game is that it is in Multi-Language! Yes, you read that right. You have the option to choose among the four different language support for subtitles, which are, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese. 

Psikyo Collection Vol. 1 is a compilation of four eShop-only titles into one glorious bundle. The four titles included in this collection are Strikers 1945, SOL Divide, Samurai Aces, and Gunbird.

All four games are classic, arcade-style scrolling shooters, which were originally released in the 90s. Each game has their own plot twist and various sets of playable characters.

You surely don’t want to miss this out, especially now that it is included in our Early Black Friday Sale, gamers. What are you waiting for? Get a copy now!


Okami: Zekkeiban

Top 5 games of the day, Playasia, Black Friday, Black Friday Sale, Sale

The critically acclaimed Capcom title, Okami: Zekkeiban (大神 絶景版), successfully launched last August. It is one of Capcom’s  best video games that has been remastered for the Nintendo Switch. So, Switch users, if you still haven’t got a copy of one of the best video games ever made in history yet, now is the perfect time to put it in your collections, as Okami: Zekkeiban is included in our Early Black Friday Sale!

In Okami HD players take on the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess who inhabits the form of a legendary white wolf Shiranui on a quest to defeat Orochi, an eight-headed demon and tyrannical monster responsible for turning the world into a ruined wasteland. Players must use Amaterasu’s magical abilities and the arsenal of items, attacks and Celestial Brush techniques to restore the land of Nippon to its previous glory full of life and color. Along the way, Amaterasu will be called upon to help a cast of quirky and intriguing characters and defeat a bevy of brutal enemies to rid the land of Orochi’s curse.

Meet Amaterasu on Switch! You can watch the trailer below.



  • Intriguing and alluring main character – Assume the role of the sun god, Amaterasu, who descends upon the earth in the form of a wolf. The Japanese translation of the word wolf is “Okami”
  • Original visuals and revolutionary design – Rich stylized 3D graphics reminiscent of traditional Japanese art created on paper scrolls produce a large variety of stages with a watercolor-esque appearance
  • An epic tale that combines folklore and mysticism – Okami uses folklore to bring forth an immersive experience
  • Eclectic and diverse enemies – a Diverse line-up of enemies based on Japanese folklore and myths
  • Diversified gameplay – Defeating monsters requires the usage of not only physical attacks but Amaterasu’s own unique abilities

Are you ready to see the diversity of Japanese folklore and mythology? Grab your copies now!


Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match

Top 5 games of the day, Playasia, Black Friday, Black Friday Sale, Sale

From a well-loved popular anime television series, movie and manga, Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match has successfully made it to a fan-favorite PS4 tank action game last February 27th. In fact, hundreds and thousands of gamers went crazy on buying this game upon launch here at Playasia. Why? Because the Asia version of this game here on our website has English language options for subtitles.

And knowing that there’s no Western release for this game, the only option you have if you badly want this game is to get the Asia version with English subs rather than the Japan version, of course.

For a brief background of the game, Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match features the casts from the Girls und Panzer series. Girls und Panzer is a Japanese anime TV series which was released in 2012. The series showcased the competitions of high school girls who are practicing tank warfare as their chosen sport. More so, it served as a multimedia project which involved a manga, a popular anime series, and even numerous releases as well as merchandise.

Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match will serve as a follow-up game for the “Girls und Panzer: Master the Tank Road” which was released for PS Vita. In addition, the game features the World War II tanks fight in an alternate universe between school-based teams of girls supported by giant carrier-like cities. Also, the game includes customizable tanks and five-versus-five battles for a total of 10 players in a battle at once.



  • Special Mission vs BOCO – Not forgetting the amazing special mission, Attack of the Giant BOCO!
  • Enjoy the banter between the different members!
  • Practice your very own Panzerfahren along with your hand-picked members!
  • Understanding each tank’s characteristics is the key to victory!
  • Enjoy a 1-player experience!
  • Other than task design, you can freely choose your crew combination!

So, if you still don’t have this in your collection yet, you better grab a copy of this game now while it’s under our Early Black Friday Sale!

Don’t waste your precious time and get the game now! Hit that button below to grab your copies.


Gintama Rumble

Top 5 games of the day, Playasia, Black Friday, Black Friday Sale, Sale

Calling out all the brave fighters of Japan and Asia! Prepare yourselves for some intense action as Bandai Namco Entertainment introduces Gintama Rumble – a full pack samurai action game genre. The game is designed for all PlayStation 4 Consoles in Japan and Asia. And for the Asian fans out there, enjoy the game with English subs provided just for you to enjoy the entire game.

In Gintama Rumble, players will experience living in a world full of Warriors. Players will take control of a character who will defeat a large group of enemies at once. Of course, an action game wouldn’t be complete without having an encounter with the main enemy, with this, prepare yourselves for the one-on-one duels against bosses. The Gintama Chronicle Story is split up into eight chapters called the “Long Form Retrospective Rumble Mode.”

You can watch the trailer below.


Get this game now while it is on a great price on our Early Black Friday Sale! Click the button below to grab yours.


Bullet Girls Phantasia Limited Edition (Multi-Language)

Top 5 games of the day, Playasia, Black Friday, Black Friday Sale, Sale

The popular game, Bullet Girls Phantasia is the latest entry in the Bullet Girls franchise. As we all know, Bullet Girls Phantasia is an ecchi game with a mix of TPS elements. Players take control of the girls in the Ranger Club. And as the majority know, the “Interrogation Training” in the game is the trademark feature of Bullet Girls Phantasia.

If you are getting curious about this, well, you should get yourself a copy of this game, and prepare to meet the charming girls of this game face to face in your PS4 consoles.

The good news is, if you want to get this game, you can grab yours here at Playasia.com. And what’s more exciting is that it is included in our Early Black Friday Sale! Not the regular edition, but the sizzling Limited Edition of the game!

It is an Asia Version with a multi-language capacity. And of course, it comes with various sizzling collector’s items. Check out the content of the box below and don’t forget to buy yours now! Are you ready to meet the girls?

What’s in the box?

  • Bullet Girls Phantasia Game
  • Collector’s Box
  • Alternative Art Cover
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Full-Color Artbook
  • 3D Mousepad – Silvia Hortensie
  • Limited DLC
  • Character-themed Poker Cards


You can watch the trailer below.



  • Revealing outfits on the battlefield – When the girls make a variety of movements, they will be able to get a glimpse of the scenery of the skirts. Sprint, emergency evasion, close to attack and crawl forward, and so on, will let girls’ pants and trousers go on the battlefield
  • Notable clothes degradation system – Girl’s costumes are destroyed little by little when attacked by monsters. Each arm, chest, and waist area is durable, and when they are attacked and have no durability, the skin of the girls is exposed. The uniform is bound to destroy, including armor and lobes, and the underwear and bra are also torn and completely destroyed if they are not durable
  • Make the enemy a colleague – Sometimes, besides monsters, you have to fight the girls of another world. Another world girls consider the main character who use modern weapons as a menace to peace, just like monsters. and when they are defeated and resolve the misunderstanding, they become colleagues. Let’s show the taste of the Rangers’ traditional interrogation special session and make friends with girls from another world
  • 360-degree interrogation – The Rangers ‘traditional training’, Interrogation Training is to train girls by using a variety of ceremonies and items. We can support the “double interrogation” of two people as well as the “special inquiry” of one person interrogation training, and we can double our passion to use water guns, fish paste, and condensed milk items. You can also change your camera angle to see what you like. It is possible to identify the weaknesses of girls by using them
  • Kukoro Mode and the Interrogation Gallery – Depending on the combination of the girl being interrogated and the selected interrogation item, the “kukoro mode ” is activated at the start of the interrogation. In “kukoro mode”, the response of the girls being interrogated becomes more intense and the amount of recovery of the interrogation gauge is doubled. In addition, if a gallery is designated prior to the start of the interrogation, the interrogation is conducted with the galleries positioned around the specific subjects during the interrogation. It is not directly involved in the interrogation but it is possible to set up a more diverse range of settings by adding galleries, such as scolding or encouraging the girl being interrogated


Have you enjoyed the first batch of Playasia’s Top 5 Games of the Day? What’s your favorite among the 5 great titles? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below and see you next week on our 2nd batch of Top 5 Games of the Day!

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