GREAT NEWS! Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Has Gone Gold!

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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

PS4™ & Switch – North America

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom fans, this is the moment that you have all been waiting for… FDG Entertainment is pleased to inform everyone that finally, after the long development stage of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, it has now gone gold!

So that means, this game is now ready to be published and is all set for the December 4th release date. FDG Entertainment proudly spread the good news to everyone via their official Twitter account which is accompanied by an image of the Nintendo Switch game card.

You can check it out below.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on December 4, followed by its PC port sometime in 2019. The PlayStation 4 and Switch versions will be available on both physical and digital versions, while the Xbox One and PC versions will be a digital version only.

Where to Pre-order the Game?

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom PS4 & Switch physical versions are available for pre-order here at Playasia. So, if you want to get a copy of it, better grab yours now here on our website!


And, if you want to get the game digitally, you can grab your digital cards here at Playasia. Click the button below to get yours!


Community Feedback

Now, let’s see who’s excited to finally get their hands on the game when it launches on December 4th!

For more information about the game, you can refer to the details below.


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom brings you to the Monster World Kingdom. The story centers on its boy protagonist named, Jin. Jin is on a mission to stop his Uncle from doing magic that causes chaos throughout the Kingdom. And you are challenged to follow his role and take on the journey to save the entire state.

Step into the colorful yet challenging open-world of the game and get ready for combat! Use all your wits and skills to solve mind-blowing puzzles in order to advance through the story. Discover powerful weapons and items as you explore hidden passages and use it to overcome huge bosses.

Furthermore, you can also switch to six various animals transformations as you progress through the game. This includes a frog that can utilize its own tongue to swing on hoops. Plus, there’s a snake who can climb up slimy areas. And, there’s a cute little pig, too!

Each of these animals possesses their own unique skills and abilities that can be very beneficial on your journey.

So, are you willing to join Jin on his epic adventure? Pre-order for the PS4 and Switch version is now open on our website. SAVE YOUR COPIES NOW!



  • Switch between up to 6 playable characters – Each character feels different and all of them keep the gameplay fresh and exciting
  • Unlock new paths and secrets with special equipment – Look for magic weapons and equipment that gradually open up the world
  • Over 15 hours of an epic adventure – Explore the new ‘Monster World’ in a huge interconnected environment
  • Soundtrack from Japanese superstar composers – Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane, Keiki Kobayashi, and Takeshi Yanagawa
  • Full HD graphics at 60 frames per second – The game supports 1080p/60fps (docked) and 720p/60fps (portable mode)
  • HD Rumble support – Feel the action with high-performance HD Rumble support


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