Fighting EX Layer: Physical Edition is Coming to Japan this December

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Fighting EX Layer

PlayStation 4™ – JAPAN


The game publisher Arika will now bring the fighting video game, Fighting EX Layer (ファイティングEXレイヤー), in form of retail copy version in Japan. This is also the spiritual successor of Fighting Layer and the Street Fighter EX series.

Nippon, get ready for the next battle in Fighting EX Layer for PlayStation 4 this December 6th. Here at Playasia, the physical edition of this game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!


The EX series is back on track to the physical edition with a new system and changed into a new fighting game. Need not to worry about the complicated command inputs while you are playing. The intuitive command Progressive Mode will make you play the gameplay that you really want. It makes simplified the command inputs in short. If you want to play in a traditional style, the Classic command input is also available.

In addition, the game features ground chain combos and an auto combo system which makes your fighting mode simple and entertaining as well. It also introduces the Gougi Boost, which it grants you some additional bonuses and enhancements during a match. These boosts can be customized by choosing different Gougi decks before entering the battle.

Moreover, when you pre-order the Japanese physical edition in the first-print copies, you will get the paid downloadable content as a bonus. Which means, all the DLC characters will join the roster as soon as you open the game from its sealed case. Who are the playable characters in Fighting EX Layer? The list includes all the added via in-game update and the downloadable content characters. See the full list below.

Allen Snider Blair Dame Doctrine Dark Hayate Jack Pullum Puma Shadow Geist Shirase Terry Bogard
Area Darun Mister Garuda Hokuto Kairi Sanane Sharon Skullomania Vulcano Rosso

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If you are curious about the gameplay, watch the 12-minute gameplay below from Arika to familiarize on some of the combos and moves on the featured playable characters below.

Fighting EX Layer, PS4, PlayStation 4, Japan, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots, ファイティングEXレイヤー

Meanwhile, Fighting EX Layer is now available at the PlayStation Network in 68 countries. It features both English and Japanese text. The Light Version includes 12 launch characters + five Gougi Decks and for the Standard Version, it includes 12 launch characters, Hokuto + 15 Gougi Decks.

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  • The original characters from our EX series have powered up and come back for the first time in about 20 years!! You get to see the NEW “Skullo Dream”! Lovely Hokuto changed to Beauty Shirase! The original characters: Kairi, Shirase, Hokuto, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, Allen Snider, Doctrine Dark, Blair Dame, Jack, Shadowgeist, Sanane, Hayate…and maybe more!?
  • The new system called “GOUGI” is the key to play this game! By meeting certain requirements, the GOUGI will activate, and your character will gain new powers that last until the end of the match. 5 GOUGI make up 1 Deck, and each Deck is different. For example, in the case of using “Infinity” Deck; after activating Super Combos 10 times, you will be able to use Super Combos anytime you want! 5 types of GOUGI Decks are included by default, and other 10 types of Decks can be purchased by additional contents. The way you play will be changed by the GOUGI even with the same character. Find one that suits your playstyle and win!!
  • Traditional Mode from EX series is here! There are 16 tasks for each character from simple ones to super challenging ones. Let’s clear one by one!


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