Something Amazing Happened Here – FLCL Returned and so does its Merch!

If you missed them last time, here is a re-run of Cospa‘s FLCL tees, long sleeves and hoodie, both the new TGS stuff and the original series’ merch. Also, check out the recently released soundtracks of the third and final season. All pre-orders end on February 28, so be sure to place your order by then. The release date is within April 2019 and that will also be the time that eventual reprints will be available again.

If you have any questions about the Japanese sizes, please check the size chart of each item and compare it with your home country’s size chart, for example here.  Or measure a fitting shirt of yours like this and compare it with the dimensions displayed.

Fooly Cooly – FLCL Haruko T-shirt White (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Fooly Cooly – FLCL Haruko T-shirt Canary Yellow (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
Fooly Cooly – Haruko’s Vespa T-shirt Black (JPN) US$ 23.99 pre
FLCL Mamimi T-shirt Black (JPN) US$ 23.99 24h
FLCL Sleeve Rib Long Sleeve T-shirt Black (JPN) US$ 32.99 pre
FLCL Sleeve Rib Long Sleeve T-shirt Purple (JPN) US$ 32.99 pre
FLCL Canti Pullover Hoodie Black (JPN) US$ 46.99 pre
FLCL Alternative/Progressive Song Collection – FooL On CooL Generation (JPN) US$ 27.99 2-4w
FLCL Alternative/Progressive Complete CD-Box (JPN) US$ 41.99 24h

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