Tales of Crestoria English Version is Confirmed for iOS & Android in 2019!

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Tales of Crestoria

iOS & Android – West

During the “Tales Room” stream, which is a celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the long-running Tales series, it was revealed that Tales of Crestoria will be getting an English version in 2019 for the iOS and Android smartphones. Which means this gacha-style mobile game is indeed headed westward next year!

Tales of Crestoria is the latest installment in the Tales of series for smartphones which features a different storyline and has a new set of its original cast compared to its predecessors. Furthermore, Tales of Crestoria was also reported that it’s not going to be a crossover of existing titles in the series.

It was also revealed that the game’s tagline is “Live. Even if it’s a sin.” with a genre of — “An RPG Written in Blood and Betrayal”.

An official Tales of Crestoria English Twitter account have also been made, revealing several announcements for the game, such as character teasers and more. The official announcement for the game has been posted in the said Twitter account as well.

You can check it out below along with the first English-language teaser trailer for the upcoming game.


Once this game is already open for pre-order, you can get your iTunes & Google Play cards here at Playasia.


Want to know more about the game? You can find the translated pieces of information below, via Gematsu, from the story, characters, and keywords.


A world where people are required to wear a “Vision Orb” in order to judge those who commit crimes by prayer. Kanata, the only son of a monk who governs a village, has a secret crush on Misera, an orphan girl who lives in the monastery.

On the fated night, Kanata will commit a serious crime in order to save a Misera struck by tragedy. And Misera, too, has a hand in the crime in order to protect Kanata. As a result, Kanata and Misera, who the people wished sanctions upon through the Vision Orb, have become “criminals” on the run from “Enforcers.”

During this time, the two encounter a “criminal demon,” beings hated and feared by the world. His name, Vicious.

“I’ll give you a choice. Will you be swallowed by sin, or will you devour it!?”

In response to Vicious’ question, the two resolve to face themselves and live with the burden of their sin. With the new power of “Bloodsin” at their disposal, they look for a place to rest and begin a new journey alongside Vicious.


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Vision Orb

The people of the world are required to wear this. It records the information seen by the wearer and displays the recorded images on Vision Central.

Vision Central

A device that displays the images projected from Vision Orbs. It is located in areas such as the village square and church. Based on the information shared here, the people can use their Vision Orb say a “punishment prayer” (guilty vote).


A group that judges criminals. Humans who have amassed a certain amount of “punishment prayers” (guilty votes), their crime will be acknowledged and a “mark of sin” will be engraved onto a part of their body. If a crime is acknowledged, an Enforcer will soon appear to hand down judgement.

Mark of Sin

A mark appears on body part of those acknowledged as sinners. A person branded with this mark becomes a “criminal,” who are chased down by Enforcers. The positioning of the mark differs depending on the sin itself.

Mark of Bloodsin

When a criminal resolves to carry the burden of their sin, and overcomes Vicious’ selection, their Mark of Sin will transform into this new mark.


When a person’s sin is accepted and embedded into their blood, it can take on the form of a weapon. This weapon can be withdrawn using the magic emitted by the Mark of Bloodsin.


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