Gungrave VR for PlayStation VR – Join the Grim Reaper!

Gungrave VR

PlayStation VR Ι Genre: Hotter than Hell VR Shooter

For Brendon “Grave” Heat, death is – literally – just another stage of life. Years ago he and his best friend Harry McDowell joined the Millenion, the biggest and most powerful criminal syndicate of the city. Hoping to reach an easier way of life, both the men accomplished a very large number of suicide missions for Asagi Caldwell; the founder and supreme boss of this organization.

But one day everything changed; to quench his thirst for power, Harry killed Asagi to become the new Millennion’s boss, and in order to clear his way to the ultimate power; he killed also Brendon. In this way, he wouldn’t have any other rival during his scramble for power. What Harry didn’t know is that this silent man made a deal with the brilliant scientist Dr. T who resurrected him using the necrolization process.
And so a new life has begun…

Originally appeared on PlayStation 2 in 2002, Gungrave is series of insanely fast-paced third-person shooters developed and published by Red Entertainment. Due to its artistic side who has seen Kōsuke Fujishima (Oh My Goddess!, Sakura Wars) and Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun) cooperating to create the best character & mecha designs; it became very popular in no time giving birth also to an incredible anime series.

Armed with “Cerberus,” a set of powerful twin handguns, and carrying an enormous coffin on his back; which is full with dozens of heavy weapons; Brendon started his personal crusade to get revenge and destroy the Millennion organization once for all!
Finally, XSeed Games is ready to take all this bloody anime style action into a different level of immersion with Gungrave VR for PSVR!

This is a true blast from the past which features six explosive levels, intense bullet action, and last but not least the most authentic Gungrave experience proudly enhanced by the wonder of Virtual Reality. Wander in a huge occult open-world while you shoot your way choosing between a large arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Enter with all your body and mind in a new kind of super-fast high-flying adventure; dash, aim, jump, and reload to eradicate hordes of human, monstrous & robotic minions at the behest of the vicious Harry McDowell.

If even you suffer from the extremely contagious bullet fever, Gungrave VR for PSVR can give you an immediate relief. Formulated to help reduce its symptoms in both VR-addicted and action games’ lovers, this title is available without any prescription of your attending physician. Get ready to fight a brand new undead war digitally or physically; put on your cloak & shine your weapons, an elegant and effective high-octane hyper action is just a bullet away.

See what there’s beyond the grave with Gungrave VR for PSVR. This is not a game for fainthearted people; they killed you, but you came back, show to Millennion that life after death is simply hell!!!


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