Visual Novel Tokyo School Life is Coming Out on 2019’s Valentines Day!

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Tokyo School Life

Nintendo™ Switch

Having troubles on looking for Valentine’s date next year? Well, anime lover looks like the search is over as PQube will bring Dogenzaka Lab and M2’s romance visual novel Tokyo School Life to the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop on February 14, 2019!

Embark on an extraordinary trip as an exchange student to Tokyo and meet the three bubbly girls, whom will make your summer vacation extra special. Discover the beauty of the land of the rising sun with these beautiful girls, take them on lunch dates, explore other exciting things together, and perhaps take your friendship to the next level.

Tokyo School Life’s characters are fully animated and voiced by a talented cast of Japanese voice actors. As you progress through the story, you will get to know more about Karin, Aoi, and Sakura deeply. Choose the best decision for every action as your choices in the game will highly affect your relationship with the girls as you progress.

Worry not though western folks, Tokyo School Life will also have the text displayed in English, or if you are able to learn some basic Japanese language along the way, you can have it in Japanese romaji, katakana, or kanji.

Make the lighthearted summer love story of Tokyo School Life a must-have for anime fans and those interested in the land of the rising sun. Enjoy the game, fall in love, and learn a new language at the same time!

Release Date

Originally, Tokyo School Life was first released on PCs via Steam in both English and Japanese in 2015. Now, Tokyo School Life for the Nintendo Switch will be available in North America and Europe on February 14, 2019, via Nintendo eShop.

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Enjoy the trailer, features, and screenshots for the game below.



  • Find your high school sweetheart – Meet and befriend Karin, Aoi, and Sakura: three charming girls who attend the same school and dorm as you, spend lunch breaks together and get to know them.
  • Your choices will affect the outcome – As you progress through the story, you will get to know more about Karin, Aoi, and Sakura. Select the best answers to befriend one of them and perhaps with the right words, your love for your dream girl will be reciprocated.
  • Level up your Japanese! – Boost your Japanese skills whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner. In addition to English, Tokyo School Life lets you display the text in kana, romaji and even in kanji! It is the perfect opportunity to learn vocabulary and study Japanese sentence constructions in a fun and engaging way!
  • Fully animated and voiced characters – Characters are brought to life thanks to a splendid art style and a talented Japanese voice cast. The girls are rendered in a smooth animation style and change their expression as you interact with them. Never before has a visual novel been this immersive!



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