Playasia Sailing from 2018-2019 (A Journey that Will Last a Lifetime)

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2018 has been a good year for Playasia. So much so that we claim that it will even be a better year this 2019. A better year to forge a new commitment to our customers and a better year for the Playasia employees who are working hand in hand for better customer satisfaction.

Being one of our beloved customers, we hope that you had a fantastic year as we did with you. And to share with you some of the things that made our holidays worthwhile, here are some of the highlights of our Christmas Party here at Playasia.

To formally start the program, Playasia Philippines’s respected General Manager, Ms. Ria Apas, took the stage for her warm opening remarks. It was then followed by the Town Hall meeting where Ms. Ria discussed the summary of Playasia’s venture for the year 2018. From the company’s overall performance, process improvements, recruitment, career development, employee engagement activities, and more. Also, Playasia’s beloved CEO, Jan Neuhäußer and Toys & Lifestyle’s Category Manager, Christian Schicketanz shared some details about the company’s growth and insights.

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Moving forward, Playasia is also a house of talented, creative, and extraordinary individuals. With this in mind, a so-called “PA Got Talent,” competition was held during the event where all the four Departments in Subic PH Team compete for the Best Team Presentation award.

pa support subic ltd inc, playasia philippines, playasia christmas party 2018

The first team to showcase their exceptional talent is the Marketing/Accounting Team, the declared the winner of the competition. The Marketing/Accounting Team shone brightly on their “Glow in the Dark” performance that includes a good combination of dancing, portrayal, and interpretation.

What makes the team won is how they exceptionally correlate their performance to the journey of Playasia through their Voice over message in the last part.

“Our sails unfurl from 2018 to 2019. From what we were, what we are, and what we will be. will sail and drift. But we will never stop fleeting to be the best of what we can be.”

The second team who unleashed their remarkable talent on stage is none other than the Purchasing Team. They’ve portrayed how our  savior  Jesus Christ was born and followed by a choir who sang in the melody of “O Holy Night.” The team also showcased their dancing skills in a mix of a sweet, feminine “Jingle Bells” dance and an interpretative dance in the song of “How Far I’ll Go.”

What makes the Purchasing shone in their own way, and took home the 2nd place, was their glorious moment in their finale, where a “good ending feels like song” (“We Know the Way” in Moana) started playing and dance to the beat of it while waving and swaying their impressive props.

Next is the Customer Service Team who extended their efforts and hard-work despite the different work shifts that they have in their Department. The CS Team got the 3rd place. The CS Team performance kicks off with a solo singing performance by Ms. Kathleen Mateo, CS Manager, and was then followed by a sexy & cute dancing performance with her lovely agents in the tune of “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande. Plus, a sweet dance to all CS’s lovely girls by the heartthrob of Playasia, Angelo Bustillos.

Lastly is the MFA/Admin/IT team who also did their best in the competition. The team showed role-playing at the beginning of their presentation, followed by an adorable dance number which you can find below.

Of course, to fill up the bucket of happiness of Playasia’s night is none other than the most respected and beloved PH Team Management in their special dance number. Each of the management showed their unexpected talents to everyone, that draws a smile to everyone’s faces.

But not only the employees are rewarded for their hard work, but also the great leaders of Playasia who form employees and the company itself to its great shape. The employees shared their small token to Playasia’s leaders as an appreciation for their unending guidance and exceptional leadership.

Work should give us a sense of fulfillment. For those who garden, seeing their flowers bloom is a sense of pride. For people who work on cars, the engine humming makes everything right in the world. But at work, the majority of people view it as a negative. “I have to work.” That is a true statement, as bills have to be paid and food must be purchased; however, here at Playasia, we are truly blessed that we have a kind of management who seek ways to strengthen ties with employees, values each and everyone’s hard work and celebrate the accomplishments of each individual and department.

With this kind of simple, yet very rewarding annual affair, everyone has the opportunity to look forward to another great year and presents some closure to the hard year behind. The perfect way to sail in 2019! All aboard!

Aye! Aye! Captain Tom,  Jan, and Ria! We are ready for our next voyage.

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