Top of the Week – Let’s see the next hits for PS4, XB1, NS & PC!

A new week has started, and many brand new adventures are landing on your gaming machine; don’t waste your time with boring daily activities and gather your friends ‘cause many great titles will bring unforgettable experiences straight to you!
Check here below a rundown of the
Top of the Week games. Action, adventure, puzzle, strategy, and more await for you; there’s always something for everyone which promises many hours of exciting gameplay and incredible fun!

Maverick is nobody!
If you have ever dreamt to fly in the sky at supersonic speed, then don’t look further because Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is approaching faster-than-light on PS4, PS VR, XB1, and Steam.
Providing the most exciting & intense battle experience the new Ace Combat chapter is the best way to celebrate the 20
th Anniversary of the series; jump into the cockpit and be ready to engage in combat across the globe. Its mature story filled with turns and twists will let you experience all the drama of the war.
Ignite the afterburners and break the sound barrier with Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown for PS4, PS VR, XB1, and Steam!
But, watch out! The enemy is just as well-armed as you are…

Draw the Blood Berry, it’s time to cut some a$$e$!
Travis Touchdown, the super ultra hyper-powerful guy of the universe has come back in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for Nintendo Switch. In this brand new chapter, our beloved otaku assassin will hit the road in the game world. Providing a massacre of insane proportions, you must destroy (literary) all the breathing and unresponsive obstacles at the behest of His
Highness Badman.
You know, when we talk of a SUDA51 game, we talk about something crazy, and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for Switch makes no exception. Including 7 different genres such as action, racing, puzzle, etc. this title is a breath of fresh air for all the ones who want to play something different!
Ride through the wacky gaming world, and fight as much as you can to be the number one assassin both in the digital and the real worlds.

Hooray, Kingdom Hearts III is just around the corner, so what could be better to join Sora, Donald, Riku, and Goofy for real?
With the PSVR exclusive
Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, you can enter into the Magic like never before; in fact, in this 10-minute interactive video, you’ll relive all the most precious moments of this wonderful series. Do your part in this brand new wonder presented in a visually astonishing VR-O-Rama, and the more you interact the more exclusive contents you unlock!
Like a true daydream, Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience for PSVR is the main gate for the epilogue of this magnificent saga.

25% Avocado + 25% Lucha Libre + 50% Pure Mextremism = Guacamelee! 2!!!
The roaring 2D ultra-addictive Metroidvania game is arriving also on Xbox One on this Friday. Step into the sparkling boots of Juan Aguacate, and fight your way across a vast colorful world filled with evil minions controlled by an evil luchador from another dimension. Start with a fist drop…continue with a superkick…and then finish the enemies with an acrobatic swan-dive diving headbutt!
Like a real lucha libre show, 
Guacamelee! 2 for XB1 exudes epicness; let your kids play with it because this game is absolutely a family-friendly one!

Comin’ for you…we’re the cowboys from hell!
If you love hotter than hell games, well…you’re in the right place. After the Steam release, the insanely sinful HellWarders will appear on PS4, XB1, and Switch on Thursday. Mixing Action-RPG & Tower Defense genres, this game is absolutely something xxxplosive; easy to start but hard to give up you must create your own army to push back into the eternal hellish flames hordes of demons who aim to conquer not only the Earth but the whole universe! Think fast, and act faster because these monsters are running wild; alone or with your friends HellWarders for PS4, XB1, and Switch is not for gods-fearing gamers!

Kamuro-cho is always ready to welcome new people, especially if they are acquaintances of Kiryu Kazuma the well known Dragon of Dojima.
The remastered version of Ryu ga Gotoku 4 (a.k.a. Yakuza 4) for PS4 is more than a simple game, it’s a journey to discover the most violent side of Japanese society, the fourth episode does not only portrays the story of Kiryu, indeed there are three other rising dragons hiding in the dark, waiting to spring. Each of the four protagonists has a different fighting style, and each of them has to go through sets of impossible trials to find their destiny. The line between game and reality is further blurred in Ryu ga Gotoku 4 for PS4; clubbing, drinking, fighting and upholding the unique code of honor of the Japanese Yakuza can be quite a burden. But you, who have experienced what Kiryu went through, are ready to shoulder it!
The Dragon of Dojima is looking for a successor, will you be it?

Dirk the Daring, Daphne, Singe, Mordroc, Dexter, Borf, and Kimberly!
The 80s are strong with the Nintendo Switch, and what’s better to relive that glorious decade with the greatest laser games ever released? Dragon’s Lair Trilogy will arrive this Thursday on the newest Nintendo console; bringing the out-of-this-world art by Don Bluth, don’t forget to prepare the popcorn for enjoying these three classics nostalgically packed into one digital pack.
Wield the sword against the fire-breathing dragon Singe; travel in time and space to save Daphne from the forced marriage with the Evil Wizard Mordroc, and once she’s safe at home to go for a new mission in the sidereal space to rescue the red-haired cosmic beauty Kimberly, and prevent the Earth’s slavery of Borf!
The past, the present, and the future need you, oh brave player; play with Dragon’s Lair Trilogy if you dare!

These are the Top of the Week games! Get one (or more) of them for insane “too good to be true” prices, traditionally provided with our traditional faster-than-light digital delivery!

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