Crackdown 3 for XBox One – Shoot to thrill, play to kill!

Crackdown 3

Xbox™One Ι Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Commander Jaxon has come to play the game; make the difference, and get ready to stop a global criminal empire with a big BOOOOM!
Started in 2007, the super ultra hyper shooting action Crackdown series is one of the most popular IPs published by Microsoft Game Studios, set in an open world near to the destruction, you join the Agency; an organization which main mission is to keep the world safe employing a versatile and lethal squad of supersoldiers known as Agents. Based in Pacific City, the Agency exploits all its resources to liberate it from the gangs who plagued the city for many years: Shai-Gen, Los Muertos, and Volk. Thanks to this new brand of extremely potent medicine; all the common citizens of Pacific City could live in peace, and believe in a better world!

But after years of relative calm, now seems that things are going worse than ever; indeed the once super-secret TerraNova Worldwide a mega-corporation led by criminal psychopaths who main and (not-so) obscure objective is to exploit every resource both living and inert to implement the ultimate plan…the Earth conquest.
Sadly, all these insane gangsters who live and work inside an active volcano haven’t dealt with the greatest agent of all time: the mighty Commander Jaxon. Bringing an explosive mix of testosterone and flaming bullets; he’s ready to save billions of lives in the much awaited Crackdown 3 for Xbox One!

Been a real pop-icon for more than one decade; Jaxon is now ready to reach the top of the superhuman soldiers’ chart before someone else bring him down. Featuring a new, fresh, and epic shooting experience, step into the role of the most advanced super-powered Agent of Justice! If your ideal figure is Judge Dredd or RoboCop, playing with Crackdown 3 for XB1 you’ll find a new hero to idolize.
This hotter than hell game features a new explosive story set in the walled paradise of New Providence, inside it you’ll be called to utilize futuristic artillery, lethal combat moves and an innovative upgradeable skill-system that will knock out thousand of armored outsmart foes with a single hit.

In Crackdown 3 for XB1, all is powered to the Nth degree; the action will take you into the crowded streets of New Providence both on foot or driving a transforming vehicle all in 4K Ultra HD Resolution. In there you can have the unique chance to live Jaxon’s world in a very unexpected way.
Solo or with a friend; go on a crook-bustin’ free-for-all patrolling missions to stop the wild crimewave mayhem, and leave all the TerraNova Worldwide’s executives in the ash!

Blaze on land, sea, and air using combined skills and weapons; you’ll never know what kind of threat you’ll face. So, don’t forget to train hard to be adaptable and prepared for any type of battle. Crackdown 3 for XB1 is totally new, totally tough, and it’ll stop at nothing to make sure justice prevails! This is no kid stuff!
Leap, dodge, and shoot digitally or physically to accomplish this search-and-destroy mission that will put an end to the TerraNova Worldwide reign of terror.


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