Anthem for PS4, XB1, and Origin – Venture into danger!


PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, Origin Ι Genre: Terraforming Action-Adventure

Invented in 1890 by the Russian man Nicholas Yagin; the exoskeleton is a wearable suit that helps people to power the limbs granting a supernatural strength and endurance. The main applications of these types of equipment are primarily within the medical, and military fields. Even NASA developed a special exo-space suit who allow the astronauts to improve their movements in outer space with no limits on rotation compared to a normal suit. But that’s not all; because exoskeletons have been the protagonists of a large number of sci-fi opuses both on paper and on screen.

Starting from Iron Man to Master Chief, and passing through Samus Aran, and Ellen Ripley without forgetting the WH40K’s Space Marines; hundreds of characters wore them to fight against deadly threats from Earth or other planets. Like a sort of sorcerers; scientists, engineers, and also artists exploited this specific branch of technology exploring its practical use in different applications. On this Friday, you’ll be called to put on the latest generation of exosuits to explore a far, far planet…get ready to experience the greatest journey of your life with Anthem for PS4, XB1, and Origin!

Inspired by sci-fi literary classics such as Robert A. Heinlein’s Farmer in the Sky, Olaf Stapledon’s Last and First Men, and James Garvey’s The Platform; Anthem for PS4, XB1, and Origin is the new terraforming action game in which the untained planet called Fort Tarsis is waiting to be deeply explored by humans to create a cozy environment for Earthlings. As the pioneer in this new world; you and your squad must evaluate, research, and implement new solutions to recreate a planet where life can flourish.

Enjoy all the freedom you need to build an amazingly unique place combining the power of the Javelin mech-suits with the most advanced weapons at your disposal; exploiting them you can create a new living place far far away from your home. Inhabited by aggressive species like the insect-humanoid known as Scars, wild beasts, and many other ones; you and other soldiers must rely on your survival skills to carry out this difficult mission!

Thanks to these versatile exo-systems, you can overcome any kind of challenge, reducing injury risk while remaining comfortable all day long. Complete the tasks, and you’ll have the access to incredible upgrade modules that will make the Javelin even more efficient; forget the fear!
As the ultimate colonizer in Anthem for PS4, XB1, and Origin, you must wander and shoot to overcome all the beings who threating the existence of the humankind. Featuring a deep story full of twists and turns; 
robustly immersive action gameplay, and a unique charm, play it if you really want to experience how the life far from home really is!

Thanks to its dynamic weather system, and the night-day cycle; you can unveil all the aspects of Fort Tarsis, even the harshest ones…this game evolve the action-adventure genre to new out-of-this-world heights. With its huge & open environments, daredevil shootings, and high-octane exoskeleton stunts, Anthem is an intense test of reflexes, quick thinking, and rapid-fire conflicts.
Get ready to cover miles and miles digitally or physically around the globe to create a new home for your own kind!
Last but not least, don’t forget that using the Hong-Kong Digital Cards, you can experience your new life on Fort Tarsis for an insanely cheap amount of money!


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