The Sinking City Delayed from March to June 27 Release Date

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The Sinking City

PlayStation 4™ & Xbox One™ – US & EU


Are you anticipating for the upcoming H.P Lovecraft inspired mystery thriller horror game, The Sinking City? If you are, well you might need some patience, folks, as this upcoming action-adventure mystery horror game has a new update mainly focused on the official release date.

The game publisher Bigben Interactive and the game developer Frogwares have announced the delay of the upcoming Lovecraftian action-adventure mystery, The Sinking City. At first, it was scheduled for the March 21 release then some website removed the initial release date. Now, the new official release date is on June 27. According to BigBen Interactive, the reason behind the delay is to release the Lovecraftian inspired game in a less crowded time-frame. So, the developers will take this delay as additional time for minor improvements and polishing the game, especially on the graphics part.

If you want to learn more on the delay of The Sinking City, you can check out the video below.

The game sets in the fictional city of Oakmont, Massachusetts wherein the rise of the economic growth, consumerism, jazz, prohibition, gangsters and ethnic conflict are prominent during that time. However, this fictional city suffers from a massive flood. Along with the massive flood, monsters have appeared along the streets of Oakmont that makes the citizens go to madness and doubt. The main protagonist Charles W. Reed, a private investigator, is on a task to unveil the mysterious events in Oakmont that brought the city into terror.

The Sinking City, PS4, XONE, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, US, Europe, gameplay, features, release date, price, trailer, screenshots, delay, update

Even though it’s delayed, The Sinking City for PS4 and XONE is now available for pre-order here at Playasia. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!


Read more about the game here.



  • A sprawling city to explore on foot, by boat, and in a diving suit – The city of Oakmont, a trade harbor once known for its lucrative smuggling business, now stands secluded from the rest of the world. In this place of decay and superstition, you’ll have to deal with the dregs of mankind, follow clues you wish you had never found and unveil a cosmic horror threatening the world itself.
  • The evolution of investigation gameplay – There is more than one truth. Make your own conclusions based on the clues and testimonies you collect during your investigation. Each case can be solved in a number of ways, with different endings depending on your actions. Persuasion, stealth or brute force? Either way, you’ll have to face the consequences of your choices.
  • Face death and walk the line between sanity and madness – Fight your way to the truth in a hostile city that wants you dead, mad or both. As a newcomer, locals will ensure you pay dearly for any mistake. And then there is the Flood, which brought sanity-blasting creatures to the surface. Are you up for the challenge?


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