The Caligula Effect: Overdose for PS4 & NS – Answer μ’s call!

The Caligula Effect: Overdose

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Music JRPG

The impossible is now possible!
Thank you for purchasing the new
μ song creator, developed for craft the music hits of the future this highly advanced software is the best for both worldwide famous and aspirant artists who want to make the difference in the industry.
Provided with m
ore richly expressive styles, the μ song creator includes a large number of great useful functions, all you need to do is to input lyrics and melody. Then μ will elaborate the data providing you a brand new song that will dominate the charts all over the world.

This software includes also:
– Synth-Cross: this function will mix smoothly up to 4 different singing styles
– Growl: best for hard rock and heavy metal artists; this function will insert a little piece of darkness even in the mushiest songs
– RoboTune: use it if you want to add a Kraftwerk’s vocal techniques to make your pieces not so human

System Requirements:
OS: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
HDD Space: at least 3GB of free space
To purchase it, click the “BUY” button and proceed to the payment procedure only if you agree to the Terms of Use.

Originally promoted as the greatest music program ever created, μ was so advanced that after few months since its release it began to develop a consciousness and an ego. Witnessing the cruelty of humankind; this software has started to plan a parallel world in which all the people could be happy and in peace: Mobius.
One day, a young lonely girl known as Thorn, which was also the leader of the Ostinato Musicians started to cooperate with
μ sharing its original desire to create a paradise on earth destroying the actual world, imprisoning more people possible in Mobius.
Only 11 students could challenge both
μ and the Ostinato Musicians, the so-called Go-Home Club. Formed by a bunch of former fans of Kishimai High School, this party of heroes’ main mission is to take back the humans in the real world…
Let the show begin! Welcome to the cyber world of The Caligula Effect: Overdose for PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

Build your team of saviors. In this cyber-JRPG, you and your friends will be called to break the digital prison bars who surround the AI created world of Mobius. Interacting with greedy producers, influential music superstars, almighty programs, brainwashed schoolmates, and many other personalities; you’ll unveil the real dark nature of it. With its with tactical yet action-packed combat style, its powerful immersive narrative, and a radical anime art style, The Caligula Effect: Overdose for PS4 and Switch is the ultimate test to save the humankind independency against a despotic machine ruler.

This HD remake of Caligula originally released for PSVita includes many original contents that will make the adventure absolutely different. Multiple endings, a new branched story system, and new characters will help and hinder your way to the liberation. Full with unspeakable digital threats lurking around every corner; in this adventure, you must do anything and everything in your power to make the right strategic plans and the right choices in order to don’t let the real world die with you. Each battle will challenge you to create the perfect balance of superpowers between the team members! You and your friends are the only ones capable to hack the Mobius system. Improve your skills, create deadly chain attacks, and maximize your power to put an end to the reign of μ.

The fate of mankind hangs in the balance. Fight your way digitally or physically to set free all the people from Mobius and hear the μ’s swan song with The Caligula Effect: Overdose for PS4 and Switch!


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