One Piece World Seeker for PS4, XB1 & Steam – Sail towards your dreams!

One Piece World Seeker

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One, Steam Ι Genre: Open-World Pirate Action Game

Seadogs! Embark on a new adventure with Capt. Monkey D. Luffy and the motley crew of Straw Hat Pirates!
Debuted on Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1997; One Piece is one of the most important pop-phenomenon of the last 20 years. Written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda. The manga series continues still today increasing the number of readers episode after episode not only in Japan but worldwide. It was recently reported that this series has sold over 450 million copies globally, and due to this One Piece has been crowned as the best-selling manga series in history. Obviously, a success of this magnitude couldn’t be relegated only to paper; indeed, the adventures of Monkey, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and all the other Straw Hat Pirates have appeared in hundreds of different media including movies, light novels, cd dramas, and also video games.

The gaming history of One Piece has started three years after the manga beginning with From TV Animation – One Piece: Become the Pirate King! for Bandai WonderSwan. Advertised as a “pirate adventure” game; in this first installment, the player had to use special cards to move around the world battling against other pirate crews to destroy their ships and get the treasures. After it, more than other 40 titles have been released for any console, but this crew of superstars has appeared also in great crossover games like Jump Super Stars, Battle Stadium D.O.N., Jump Ultimate Stars, J-Stars Victory VS, and Jump Force as very special guests.
In any case, the quests in search for the One Piece never stop, get the sails aloft because the brand new One Piece World Seeker is now available for PS4, XB1, and Steam!

Set on Jail Island, a remote location in the New World controlled by the Marines, this time Monkey D. Luffy will be able to wander around it freely to experience exciting battles and discover ultra-precious treasures.
Even if it is
not the best for the family holidays; this is the island you dreamed of when you were a child. Surrounded by white sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, colorful birds, and a sparkling lagoon, despite its name, Jail Island is a real paradise. But you should know that all that glitters is not gold; in fact, in One Piece World Seeker for PS4, XB1, and Steam you’ll be forced to face dangerous pirates, extreme challenges, and the Navy officers.
Thanks to its original gameplay mechanics, in this game you can go and do everything you want. Beat up the opponents, meet epic wildlife, hunt for secret stashes of Bellys, and then sail along the seven seas in search of the One Piece!
Providing a new story, you can experience how the life of a pirate could be…Harrr!

Filled with flashing swords, large and wide explorations, mysterious treasures hidden in the most unlikely spots, and much more to unveil; One Piece World Seeker for PS4, XB1, and Steam gives you the opportunity to become the best pirate on the whole globe digitally or physically!


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