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Our World is Ended

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: C¥ b3 Я  AdvI三NTuЯE⌥

Is there really a difference in the digital and real worlds? In these last years, a lot of technologists predicted that in the near future thanks to the huge powerful computers this distinction will become thinner and thinner. What we’ve only experienced in sci-fi opuses; that’d be a book, a movie, or a game will turn into a real fact. At the moment the technological development can’t supply sufficiently powerful hardware to run the hypothetic software that can create conscious digital minds; anyway, if the tech improvements should continue like as in recent years, then we would be able to see a new kind of computers in few decades. But in any case, hundreds of years will be required before we enter a real posthuman civilization. Undoubtedly we’re living in a highly advanced world, but are we sure that is real? Even a greater number of scientists, tech guru, and entrepreneurs are taking this assumption seriously; according to them we’re all living in a giant gaming simulation, and this way of thinking is gaining popularity also among common people.

The futurist Ray Kurzweil said that “maybe our whole universe is a science experiment of some junior high school student in another universe”; while the cosmologist Alan Guth thinks that “our entire Universe might be real yet still a kind of lab experiment. The idea is that our Universe was created by some super-intelligence, much as biologists breed colonies of micro-organisms”.
If you’ve seen the Black Mirror’s episode entitled San Junipero you’ll understand much better this new theory; the theory that after all the reality could be an indistinguishable simulation of the “true” reality.

Even the people of Red Entertainment (Sakura Taisen, Record of Agarest War) are intrigued by this, and they have created a very interesting adventure game in which the two realities collide into one. Get ready to experience a totally new state of existence with Our World is Ended for Nintendo Switch!
Sekai Owari, Iruka No.2, Asano Hayase, Natsumi Yuki, Tatiana Alexandrovna Sharapova, Yuno Hayase & Reiji Gozen are the worldwide famous Judgement 7. Even if relatively new; this developing team is one of the dominant software companies across the globe. Rightly glorified by millions of people; they pioneered the Augmented Reality for games creating a new engine called W.O.R.L.D. who can change the environment around the player in real time. Announced as an actual revolution in the crowded world of technology; one day the part-time director Reiji tried it in Asakusa, and during a testing gameplay session all the streets and the buildings around him started to change. Suspended between digital and real worlds; Reiji and his colleagues must fix the code before all the evil creatures from their previous games take control over the whole city of Tokyo.

Featuring a mature sci-fi story, an out of this world beautiful art-style, and a unique cyberpunk atmosphere; Our World is Ended for Switch marks a new high point in the adventure game genre. Join a cast of memorably unique characters, and wander with them in a faithfully recreated Asakusa district. Thanks to its original Selection of Soul system; you’ll have to capture the moment before the emotions vanish forever. Catch them to change the story progression, and unlock new branches never thought possible.
Bringing a glitched world to your Switch; with Our World is Ended you must break out the W.O.R.L.D. code and fix it before it’s too late! In the new Asakusa get ready to encounter hordes of hostile beings, fantastic new landscapes, plus you can create bonds where the only limit is your imagination.

Use all of your experience and knowledge to save the day digitally or physically; Our World is Ended for Nintendo Switch pushes your deductive and developing skills to the limit as you pit yourself, both mentally and physically against the ultimate bug ever discovered. Starting from Asakusa the whole planet has been scheduled to be re-initialized, join the team and prevent this hard-reset ¯\_()_/¯


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