For The King: Getting its Physical Release for PS4 & Switch this May

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For The King

PlayStation 4™ & Nintendo™ Switch – US & EU

  • Thanks to Merge Games, we are getting the physical release of For The King for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
  • It’s coming to the Western regions (Europe on May 24th and the US on May 28th).
  • It combines strategic, JRPG, and rogue-like elements to help you solve the mystery of the King’s death in the kingdom of Fahrul.


The strategic role-playing game, For The King by Curve Digital and IronOak Games, gets a physical release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this May 24th in Europe and May 28th in the US. Thanks to Merge Games for bringing the physical release of this game. This RPG is out on PC via Steam. Now, console owners will get to experience what this game has to offer real soon.

Watch the official announcement trailer below.

Indulge in the unique feeling and the great aesthetic of For The King! The King is killed by an unknown assailant. With this, the kingdom of Fahrul is in anarchy. The queen has no choice but to put out a desperate plea to the citizens of Fahrul to rise and to stop the impending doom. Are you ready to end up this chaos in your own kingdom?

This is a procedural turn-based RPG that features either solo or co-op play. With the mixture of JRPG and rogue-like elements, the players must survive the enemies and the creatures roaming around the area. Along with that, survive the wicked weather and beware of booby traps to unveil the ambiguous death of the king and bring peace to the kingdom of Fahrul.

Prepare for the combat in a classic style of battle. You can choose your attack type, spend your focus points, use item and animate the special abilities to defeat the enemies and creatures along your way. New challenges will welcome you just like the weather and the natural events that you need to deal with whether it is good or bad. There are unique dungeons that will welcome you. However, you must adapt to these dungeons as it will require you to bring out your strategies every time you play. Find different objects that might be useful on your journey–or maybe not. Plus, it includes all the expansions that previously released!

Unveil the truth to the mysterious death of the King and bring peace to the kingdom of Fahrul in For The King for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this May. Here at Playasia, the game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to reserve your copies right now!




  • Solo or Online Co-op – Control your own party or play with up to 3 people online. Travel and fight together or dare to set off on your own
  • Challenging Roguelike Adventure – A highly re-playable, unforgiving adventure designed to keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat
  • Turn Based Combat – A classic battle style with a unique slot and proficiency system. Choose your attack type, spend focus points, use items, and activate special abilities to defeat your foes
  • Living World – New challenges and horrors emerge at different times of day. Encounter weather and natural events that have a variety of effects, both good and bad
  • Procedurally Crafted Map – The map, realms, and locations you encounter are different every play through. A unique set of fascinating locations will force you to adapt your play style every game
  • Persistent Lore – Collect lore and spend it at the town libraries to build a unique game experience. Unlock persistent game mechanics in the order of your choosing
  • Dungeons – Unique dungeons will require new strategies every time you play. Encounter deadly traps, enemies, and legendary treasure in unexpected ways
  • Persistent Weapon Crafting – Collect unusual resources and rare weapon recipes to craft powerful weapons over multiple playthroughs
  • Item, trinkets, curiosities – Find many different objects and items to use along the way. Some helpful and some come with a cost


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