Idea Factory Delayed Arc of Alchemist to Winter in the West

Arc of Alchemist, PlayStation 4, West, North America, US, Europe, release date, delayed, gameplay, features, price, news, update

Arc of Alchemist

PlayStation 4™ – Europe

For those who are waiting for Arc of Alchemist in the west, it looks like you need a bag full of patience as Idea Factory had to push back the release date of the said game to Winter this year from its previously planned summer 2019 release. In addition, the North American version of the game will now be a digital-only release. However, Idea Factory confirmed that the game will still be released in physical and digital formats in Europe.


Arc of Alchemist, PlayStation 4, West, North America, US, Europe, release date, delayed, gameplay, features, price, news, update

If you want to get this game, you can pre-order the Europe version here at Playasia. Meanwhile, for North American gamers out there, if you want to get a hold of the physical edition of this game, importing is the best option! Also, take note that we ship globally! Thus, reserve your copies now.



Embark on a journey to the endless desert to seek the key that can save humanity… The Great Power!

A hundred years ago, a small kingdom was found. A girl named Quinn Bravesford leads soldiers in a battle to fight against rival nations for the sake of the small kingdom. Although Quinn is still young, she is an excellent commander with fearless strategies.

One day, the kingdom announced the deployment of an investigation group to the Desert of Beginnings, and Quinn was the appointed commander of that group.

As the day of their deployment begins, Quinn leaves with her comrades. Quinn stares at the ancient alchemist device that she has on hand called the Luna Gear. And she remembered that the alchemist device is the key to get the Great Power that can save humanity. Legend says, it can be fitted with four types of Orbs, but, Quinn’s Luna Gear still has one orb inserted.

Despite the peril of the deadly creatures and Mechanical Dolls roaming the desert, it is said that the enemy nation, Principality of Neuhafen, also dispatched their army in search of the Great Power.

Now, are you ready for your mission? Survive with all your might and bring back your comrades from this mechanical desert at all cost and get the Great Power to save humanity!

You can enjoy the trailer, features, and screenshots for the game below.


For more information about the game, you can check out its features and gallery below.


  • Four Orbs to Rule Them All – Unleash the power of the Lunagear and control the Orb elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Take advantage of your enemies’ elemental weaknesses and even combine any of the four elements for stronger attacks!​​
  • Hack n’ Slasher Flicks – With a myriad of weapons, actions, skills, and elemental attacks to customize, players can find different strategies to defeat their robotic nemesis! ​​
  • Now Let’s Get In Formation – Fight alongside Quinn and your two party members as they explore the endless desert, filled with ancient, robotic foes. Each character has specific roles and arranging your formation is key!​​
  • Ace of Bases – Build your base and choose facilities to upgrade your party’s needs! Equip your allies with a flurry of weapons and input their action commands to your strategic liking!​


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