RAGE 2 for PS4 & XB1 – I want to be Ⓐnarchy!


PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Shooterverse

In an ever-changing world; even the cosmos wants to play its part to help the humankind to have the biggest number of different experiences. And what could be better of an asteroid fallen on Earth? Since billions of years ago; these impact events played a very important role in the evolution of the solar system. Daily our planet is hit by tiny fragments of celestial bodies. Some of them are destroyed during the fall; while some other crash on the surface. The collisions are often portrayed in a very tragic way in hundreds of movies and novels; for example, Jules Verne’s Off on a Comet, Jack McDevitt’s Moonfall, together with Deep Impact, and Armageddon let us know how the world would change just before the impact. However there’s a “but”; none of them describes the world after the event; according to many scientists if a 10km in diameter would hit our planet, its energy could destroy a big percentage of the crust, creating an enormous crater; also the majority of the living beings would die, and probably the ones who wouldn’t soon after this tragedy encounter a lack of food and water due to the massive devastation of the environment.

To respond in the best way at this rare, but possible, threat the NASA has opened the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies. In there, hundreds of scientists, space engineers, and researchers, study all the risks who come from outer space; in order to find the best solutions for planetary defense. In any case, if theories shouldn’t be effective enough; Bethesda & Avalanche Studios have prepared a sort of interactive manual about how to survive: RAGE 2 for PS4, and XB1!
This literary groundbreaking FPS is set in a world where an asteroid has killed the 80% of the humans; the majority of the urban agglomerations are no more, and forests and seas turned into the desolate wilderness… Now the few people survived, built a sort of barbaric civilization in which the weak suffer and the strong rule. Attacks from gangs, mutants, and Authority agents are daily facts, and you’ll be called to survive to all of this mⒶdness!

In RAGE 2 for PS4, and XB1 you’ll impersonate Walker; the last member of the Rangers of Vineland faction. He lives only to destroy the powerful and dictatorial ruling military force known as Authority. Emerging from a nameless wasteland, you and Walker will go through intricated swamps, wild deserts, ruined towns, and many other locations on foot or on fully armed vehicles, the choice is only yours!
But keep in mind that only one thing unites all of them; the presence of enemies who have a special interest in you. Walk your path to the world’s freedom wielding a vast array of faithful weapons that bring this game to life – and death to the enemy!

Thanks to its high-octane FPS action, stunning vehicle combat, an always changing open world, and jaw-dropping powered graphics; RAGE 2 for PS4 & XB1 will let you unravel a mature dystopian story in which Walker must put his survival skills to the ultimate test, while you go deep into the most infamous secrets of the Authority.
See the post-apocalypse world with your bare eyes, form alliances with other rebels, and work together to save the planet digitally or physically!


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