Overwatch 3rd Anniversary – It’s time for new epicness!


PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Three years of legendary shootings!

That’s A-MEI-ZING!
Three years have already passed since the release of Overwatch, and its popularity continues unabated. Played every day by more than 40 millions people; this futuristic hero shooter set on 2070’s Earth gathers soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and many other oddities. Their mission is easier said than done; conquer all the key territories around the world. And to do it, any character has a vast arsenal at disposal; from the ground-smashing Rocket Hammer to the extremely precise Widow’s Kiss.  In this way, everyone can find the best choice for his playstyle to become one of the wildest champions the world has ever known!

During these years; Overwatch gained a lot of attention both from gamers and press; both praised it as one of the greatest games of all time. Receiving a full 10/10 score on Destructoid, Game Informer, and PlayStation LifeStyle, there’s simply nothing like it, except it!
Names like Mei, D.VA, Tracer or Torbjörn are very famous even outside the gaming world, and you can believe us when we say that we play it extensively (when we aren’t busy at work)…after all millions of players can’t be wrong! ¯\_(

Well, if you haven’t played it yet, this is the perfect chance to do it thanks to the special 3rd Anniversary event. Only until June 10, you can get a brand new wardrobe that will arouse the envy of many prestigious fashion designers, new sprays worthy of the best Keith Haring, and a lo(o)t of other cosmetics that can reshape the Overwatch‘s universe in a previously unimaginable way!

In these hard times, the world needs more heroes!
Do your part for the sake of the planet, and get ready to celebrate the most epic anniversary event of the year on your PS4 & XB1!


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