Shiritsu BeruBara Gakuen for NS – These are glory days!

Shiritsu BeruBara Gakuen Versailles no Bara Re*Imagination

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Romantic Visual Novel

Known outside Japan as The Rose of Versailles; BeruBara (ベルばら) is globally renowned as one of the greatest shojo manga series of all time. Appeared for the first time on Margaret, a biweekly manga magazine dedicated to young girls, this series; written and illustrated by Riyoko Ikeda is a true precious classic of the Japanese manga world. Translated in a large number of languages, including German, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, and many other ones; BeruBara gained the attention of a lot of researchers and scholars who have an interest in feminist movements and their rhetorics.
Set during the French Revolution; it’s focused on two women: the last Queen of France Marie Antoinette & the Commander of the Royal Guard Oscar François de Jarjayes.

Showing the tension of women activist against the Japanese traditional consciousness during the 1970s; Oscar, Marie Antoinette, André Grandier, Rosalie Lamorlière, and all the other characters clash with the “good wives, wise mothers” way of thinking proposing a new revolutionary ideal of women. Especially between the two main characters; the differences of thought are very marked. From one side we have the Queen; who shows the female sphere with cosmetics, beautiful dresses, and children; at the opposite, instead, we have Oscar; she shows the masculine sphere with weapons, military discipline, and hundreds of men at her service.
Thanks to its innovative liquid gender binary, its beautiful androgynous art-style, and its romantic dramatic story the Rose of Versailles transcended the manga industry to appear also in musicals and live action movies.

But Oscar’s legacy continues even today. Indeed, the otoge developer Otomate released a new dramatically romantic visual novel adventure; Shiritsu BeruBara Gakuen Versailles no Bara Re*Imagination for Nintendo Switch.
Oscar Yamada is a girl who got this particular name by her mother who was a big fan of the 
Rose of Versailles; due to this in her life, she encounters some troubles both at school and in her daily life.
Starting a new career in the prestigious academy Ver Rose, famous in all Japan for its theatre classes; one day Oscar attends a theatrical performance of the school’s Lumière Club, and she’s impressed by the acting skills of Maki Nozomi, another student known as the Prince of the School, who recalls through and through, the BeuBara protagonist.
etermined to become an actress and live her shojo love story; Oscar joins the club, and with her new friends she starts a brand new life experiencing various activities, including exciting acting competitions.
Primarily focused on love, friendship, and youth; this is a game that all the visual novel & BeruBara fans must play!

Featuring a multi-branched plot that will lead you to different endings, hundreds of fine illustrations that should be framed, a fantastic soundtrack, and last but not least a cast of incredible voice actors such as Sayaka Senbongi (Attack on Titan, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans), Mitsuaki Hoshino (One Piece, Banana Fish), and Ayumu Murase (Black Clover, Sword Art Online) that make the adventure even more immersive; these are just some of the things that you can expect from Shiritsu BeruBara Gakuen Versailles no Bara Re*Imagination for Nintendo Switch.
The destiny of Roses awaits you digitally or physically; this is a very emotional visual novel game that inspires you in many different ways!


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