Blood & Truth for PSVR – Bought a one-way ticket to hell!

Blood & Truth

PlayStation®VR Ι Genre: VR Action Game

Here at Playasia, we’re not only hardcore fans of videogames, but we love also movies a lot. From Die Hard to John Wick; we believe that action thriller films are great, and we literally devour them.
Born during the 1970s with Dirty Harry, and The French Connection; this specific genre is the best one of you want to have a great exciting time. Fully loaded with guns, explosions, and unforgettable characters; inside these, you can find some of the greatest heroes ever appeared, and dozens of them became actual pop-culture superstars!
Martin Riggs, John McClane, “Tequila” Yuen, Neville Flynn, and many others in more or less a couple of hours save hundreds of innocent citizens from the ravings of some madmen who want to see everything burning.

Inspired by them; even the game industry developed a lot of titles who can unleash the hard-boiled side of millions of players. The best example is surely Max Payne series; originally released in 2001 for PC, through the years this trilogy acquired even more fans, and it’s still considered one of the best cinematic series released so far also due to a heavily homage to John Woo’s filmography, and a massive clever usage of bullet time; without considering the very well-written plot, and a cast of memorable characters. Well…if you love this kind of games, you’ll be happy to know that a new immersive action thriller story is coming only on PlayStation VR; fill up the guns for the next interactive blockbuster: Blood & Truth!

Starring Ryan Marks; a former Elite Forces soldier who accomplished a large number of suicide missions all around the world, has been honorably discharged from the British Army. But unfortunately during his long career; he makes a lot of bitter enemies. Ruthless people who only see him dead. Set in a dark London in which corruption, turmoil, and intense violence are daily occurrences; in Blood & Truth for PSVR you’ll live the last and most dangerous mission of Ryan’s life. Due to the kidnapping of his loved ones by a band of criminals led by the toughest kingpin in town; he is forced out of retirement, and he must be ready to use all of his skills and instincts to save them.

Bringing an intense mature story, massive environmental damage, plus incredible gameplay; in this adventure, Ryan will discover a lot of shocking twists and revelations, not only related on the London’s criminal underworld but also on his former colleagues. In few words; this is absolutely a deep emotionally love letter to classic cockney gangster movies!
Fast-paced, highly technically advanced, and furiously violent; Blood & Truth for PSVR reinvent the shooter genre from the roots. Murder and betrayal follow Ryan like dearest friends, delve into the rotten heart of this violent city where nothing but weapons and skills can save the day!

Including also a dark, post-modern, and hugely immersive first-person art-style; this is a compelling challenge to stop a wave of indiscriminate violence that is plaguing the whole of London. Prepare for a new breed of deep VR FPS digitally or physically; Blood & Truth will catapults you in a gritty crime-noir world in which only the most determined individuals can have a chance to survive!
You won a one-way ticket to hell, shoot your way to discover if you’re brave enough to get also the return’s one…your beloved ones count on you, don’t let them down…


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