Wonderboy in Monster Land for NS – Turn back the M into W!

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Action-RPG Retroglory

After facing countless enemies through oceans, volcanoes, woods, and caves; Tom-Tom is now in the presence of King, the powerful ruler of Wonderland. He has kidnapped Tanya, the most beautiful girl ever existed in there, and counting only on his hatchet; he can defeat him. He ate a lot of food like fruits, sweets, and tasty hamburgers to regain his energy, and to go faster he had the unique opportunity to rush on the legendary skateboard. Luckily Tom-Tom wasn’t completely alone in this quest; some beloved fairies helped him granting total protection from the enemy’s touches even if for a short time, but better than nothing… Snails, rolling stones, cobras, flaming skeletons, and many other minions tried to stop Tom-Tom with any means possible in order to let him says…Oops, I must try again! But now he is ready to fight the last battle…destroying the real King’s head; he’ll save the world, rescue the girl, and gain the prestigious title of Wonder Boy!
Originally released in 1986 by Sega; the first Wonder Boy episode has been globally acclaimed thanks to its colorful graphics, and addictive gameplay.

Thanks to its success, and its uncountable conversions for the most popular gaming systems of that decade including Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and Sega Master System; this fantasy platformer soon turned into a series which the last episode has been released last year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. But without any doubt, despite many years have passed; the most beloved chapter is still Wonder Boy in Monster Land, and tomorrow it’ll arrive on Nintendo Switch. In Wonder Land peace has returned, Tom-Tom and Tanya live happily, and seems nothing can interrupt this idyll; but threats are always just behind the corner. In fact, from outer space, a monstrous dragon has come, and his plans are to conquer and rule the whole world. Due to him, the W turned into an M, changing the once beautiful Wonder Land into the darkish dangerous Monster Land. So to set things right once again Tom-Tom go to the rescue to eradicate this new menace!

Initially armed with a tiny sword and an energy potion. Our brave blonde hero will travel far and wide exploring floating cities, undersea kingdoms, intricated labyrinths, and many other locations that have been invaded by the dragon’s army. Differently from the first installment which was a 100% pure platformer; Wonder Boy in Monster Land for Switch includes also some peculiar action-RPG gameplay mechanics, who made it a very great title. Using a large number of different items who can be bought in the shops scattered everywhere; Tom-Tom can reveal well-hidden secrets, acquire more powerful weapons & armors, cast godly spells, and much more.

Through the years, this glorious gem has been played by millions of gamers in (sometimes) very different versions. For example; Wonder Boy in Monster Land for PC-Engine was focused on Bikkuriman anime series and re-entitled Bikkuriman World, the Famicom version was focused on the Chinese classic book Journey to the West, while the weirdest one was the Brazil-only version for Sega Master System which sees the characters of Mônica’s Gang comic book series start a brand new legendary adventure in the one and only Mônica no Castelo do Dragão.
But if you want to play the original version, well you don’t have to look further because the digital-only
Wonder Boy in Monster Land for Nintendo Switch is the best one around!

Naturally filled with a huge amount of wonder; this precious retro-gem for Switch is a must play title. Forget food, dolls, and hatchets, now it’s the turn of swords, shields, labyrinths, and fire breathing dragons!


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