Hopping Girl Kohane Jumping Kingdom for NS – Jump around!

Hopping Girl Kohane Jumping Kingdom Kuro Usagi no Hime

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Hopping Action Game

Invented during the roaring 20s by Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall; the so-called Pogo Stick is a particular device that let people jump higher from a standing position. Thanks to its versatility, it has reached huge popularity among the whole planet, appearing also in Sesame Street (Telly Monster use it regularly), in the videogame’s series Commander Keen, and in dozens of other movies, TV shows, comic books, and cartoons. Anyway, in the last few years; Pogo Stick resurges to a brand new life due to the efforts of a bunch of athletes who have started to use it in a more acrobatic way; they lay the foundation for what is now known as Extreme Pogo, or simply Xpogo!
Becoming very popular year by year, this sport acquired even more fans, that culminated in the Xpogo World Championship Series; these events take place several times a year in the major cities of the world. And is useless to say that they draw the attention of thousands of people of all level…from the aspiring rookie to the greatest performer.
Turning its reputation from classic toy to sports equipment; through the decades a lot of superstars jumped high with it, including Sylvester Cat, Wile E. Coyote, Mappy, and Darkwing Duck.
But now a new heroine is born to bring the Pogo Stick’s popularity towards new heights: the Hopping Girl Kohane!

In Hopping Girl Kohane Jumping Kingdom Kuro Usagi no Hime for Nintendo Switch, you’ll play something absolutely different from any other games. The Rabbit Kingdom has been invaded by the ravenous army led by King Wani; the most ferocious crocodile ever existed. His plan is simple in its wickedness; he wants to eradicate all the hopeless bunnies to give a new home to his army of minions, and to do it he started from the once sweet Bunny Princess who turned into a loyal general of the king. In order to restore the peace; the wonderful jumping heroine Kohane Momono will bring her faithful pogo stick to stop all of this madness!
Mixing action, and puzzle genres into a very unique cocktail; Hopping Girl Kohane Jumping Kingdom for Switch is a truly magical title that will let you shout Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!

Featuring more than 100 stages; in this title, you’ll be called to hop around, and get coins, and hundreds of useful items that will help you to defeat King Wani, save the kingdom, and – last but not least – restore the soul of the Bunny Princess!
Absolutely colorful & crazy; this adventure is rich of unpredictable challenges and situations, a hilarious cast of endearing characters, an entire wardrobe of latest fashion costumes, and much more. Its creative gameplay approach combined with anime style graphics make it a sort of big cake: sweet, joyful, and something you can’t get enough of! Simply adorable and captivating; Hopping Girl Kohane Jumping Kingdom Kuro Usagi no Hime for Nintendo Switch defies the law of physics. Jump high up in the air, and use all of your acrobatic abilities to preserve peace for bunny people, and the love of the subjects towards their princess.

If you’re looking for a brand new and unique game to play, then Hopping Girl Kohane Jumping Kingdom Kuro Usagi no Hime for Nintendo Switch is without any doubt the title for you!
Impress the audience with this digital-only jumping adventure, and hop your way for the sake of an entire world!


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